Year 2 are learning how to create spreadsheets!

Year 2 have been working extremely hard in computing this half term. We have learnt about online safety, what algorithms are and how to create them and how to send emails.

This week we are learning about spreadsheets.

We had to listen really carefully and follow the step by step instructions.

We worked in pairs and with our teachers to create a spreadsheet using Purple Mash.

It was tricky to start with but we all persevered until we had created a spreadsheet that we could use.

Great work Year 2!

Year 2 are counting money!

Year 2 have been working really hard this week to recognise coins!

We looked at which value coins we have.

Then we looked at which coins we would need to select to pay for items.

We used our knowledge find the correct amounts in lots of different ways.


Year 2 Materials

Year 2 have started a new unit on Materials. They have been investigating which materials can change shape and which materials can not! For each material they investigated whether it  would squash, twist, bend stretch.

Year 1 ‘Purple Mash’

After lots of discussions about internet safety and the importance of keeping our personal details and passwords safe, Year 1 have been using their own login details and passwords to access activities and home-learning via Purple Mash. It has taken a bit of practice for us to log on independently but we are getting the hang of it! We have even started to save our own work in our own files. Successfully logging on, accessing learning and saving all independently!

Frozen Literacy!

This morning the children in Year 1 created some magnificent ‘Wanted’ posters to find the frightful Snow Queen who captured Kay and Gerda in the story ‘The Snow Queen’.

She had a magical frozen wand and a terrible pointy crown! We discussed and used our fred talk to write down some adjectives to describe her and then put these adjectives into sentences, not forgetting our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!

Ice Sculptures!

Year 1 had so much fun in art this afternoon looking at Icebergs and continuing our research into the Antarctica! We had previously looked at hot and cold colours and explored different tints and tones. Today we followed that up by sketching some icebergs and then creating our very own ICE SCULPTURE! This was so much fun and we explored how to manipulate the light to create dark and light parts and shadows. We also had a very in depth conversation about how ice melts and this lead to a great discussion about the icebergs melting in the Antarctica and we thought about the impact this would have on our planet…

Following on from our ice sculpture…we then used chalk and charcoal to create light and dark highlights and enjoyed smudging both to create different effects…

Colour Mixing

In Art, Y2’s art project this term is based around  Wassily Kandinsky’s art work.File:Vassily Kandinsky, 1926 - Several Circles, Gugg 0910 25.jpg -  Wikimedia Commons

First of all we learned how to draw a circle and then we explored shading with different pencils.

This week we have been learning about primary and secondary colours. We added red, blue and yellow to our sketch books because these are the primary colours. Then we mixed our primary colour to made green, orange and purple. We had great fun mixing our colours. When we looked at each other’s work, we noticed that everyone had different shades.

Acting out The Darkest Dark

Year 2 have been learning  our new story ‘The Darkest Dark’ by Chris Hadfield. They have learned the signifers for the story, created a story map and acted out the story!

Who has been in Year 1?

Today in Year 1 we are being detectives and trying to think who has visited us. Who could it be?

We used the clues that had been left to write some interesting sentences using the word because.

Some of us thought it could be a White Witch because on the table was a gold, sparkly crown and some white snow.

Hopefully we can find out tomorrow who it really was ……..


Year 2 have been learning about the importance of hygiene in Science. We read the story ‘Dirty Bertie’ and then we gave Bertie some tips on how to improve his hygiene.

Then we started our own experiment. We  put our handprint on a piece of bread and sealed it in a bag. Then we washed our hands and put our handprint on another piece of bead. We are going to observe our bread over time and record what happens to each piece of bread.

We can’t wait to see what happens to the bread!