Learning how to use Laptops

In Year 2 we have been practising logging on and off the laptops. We have been accessing our J2e accounts and have been creating some super Hull Fair pictures using lots of colours and shapes.

We are getting used to using the mouse and have even learned how to save some of our work!

Hull Fair comes to KS1

In KS1 this week we have had so much fun carrying out Hull Fair activities.

In Y2, we have been very creative using our senses to describe what we can see, hear, taste, smell and feel at the fair and have written some wonderful poems using lots of adjectives and prepositions.

We have all made chocolate apples and have written some very clear instructions for how to make them.


We used our nose, mouth, hands, ears and eyes to work out what was in the senses boxes.


We had lots of fun trying to work out what we could see, smell, hear, touch and taste.










We wrote down our responses and compared notes with each other.

We worked incredibly hard all afternoon and had great fun!!

This week we have been learning to throw and catch a ball. We started by warming up and stretching.

We used a chest pass to throw the ball to each other.

We also practised over head passes and underarm throws.

While our partners were throwing, we were catching the balls. We had to make sure our arms were out and our knees were bent ready to catch the ball!

At the end we showcased our skills to the rest of our class!

Year 2’s Fantastic Artwork

In Year 2 as artists we have been drawing, colouring and painting some of our circus friends. Today we made some wonderful clowns. We sketched a clowns face and once we were happy we outlined our drawing in black then we used oil pastels, coloured pens and paints to colour in our clowns. Haven’t we done a fabulous job?


Key Stage One have had an exciting day to introduce our new topic ‘What Can You Show the World?’ Our circus pod looked fabulous filled with clowns, acrobats, weightlifters, show masters and audience members!


Year one enjoyed making circus foods for our stall like popcorn, candyfloss, sweets and lollipops!

Year two enjoyed making lion art as we have learned already that lions used to be found in travelling circuses around the world.

We can’t wait to learn all about the history of the circus!



Year 2 loved The Deep!

Year 2 had a fabulous day exploring The Deep today! We learned lots of new facts and enjoyed watching the sharks feeding. Just look at some of our super photos.