Science in Year 2

This week Year 2 have been investigating what happens to our heart when we exercise. We did a variety of different exercises and the monitored what happened to our heart rate.

We found out that our heart beat gets faster when we exercise.

Sense Poetry in Year 2

Year 2 are learning about sense poetry. First we learned a poem using signifiers.


Then we looked at the features of a sense poem.

On Thursday we used our senses to describe popcorn and then wrote our own poems!

Next week we will be performing our poems!

Our Come and Read Session in Year 2

This week our parents and carers joined us for a ‘Come and Read’ session. We showed them our comprehension skills and they were amazed! Thank you parents and carers for your continued support.

Self Portraits in Year 2

In topic this week Year 2 have been painting self portraits. They really focused on their features and thought about which colours they needed to use. Do you like them?

On Wednesday we then wrote instructions for how to paint a self portrait.

Labeling parts of the body

This week, in year 1, we have been learning about the different parts of the body and what they are called.

We drew around one of our classmates and used the outline to label each of the main parts of the body.

Afterwards we labeled our own pictures of the human body.

We now know the names of the 6 main parts of the body! 

Year 2 act out The Singing Mermaid

In English Year 2 are looking at the text ‘The Singing Mermaid’. So far they have learned the story using signifiers and created story maps. They acted out the story on our stage in the theater! There was some fabulous acting!



Representing numbers in Year 2

Year 2 have been focusing on number in Maths. Miss Stathers’ class been learning about the  place value in a number and how they can represent this is different ways.

They have used Numicon to understand  the difference between tens and ones. Super work!

KS1 Show their Hidden Talents

As a ‘Wow Day’ to launch our new topic, ‘What can you show the world?’ KS1 came to school showing their hidden talents. We had lots of different talents ranging from dancing to baseball!

In the morning we spent time learning new talents with Mr Seymour, Miss Farrah, Miss Stockton and Miss Stathers. 

Then in the afternoon we held our own show. It was brilliant fun!