Frankie is this weeks Y2 Reading Champion!!

Frankie is a superstar – she is not only brilliant at reading but she loves reading too and knows lots about different authors. Well done Frankie!

I love reading books like The Owl Babies. I am reading ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. I really like this book. I have lots of books by the author Julie Donaldson including: Tiddler, The Gruffalo, Room on The Broom, Tabby Mctat and Stick Man.

As well as reading the books, I like to look out for the hidden Gruffalo illustrations.

My favourite book though is ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. When I read it with my Daddy, He says I am really good at doing the voices of the baby owls. I got this book from Father Christmas, he also brought me ‘Mog – The forgetful Cat’ by Judith Kerr. I really like that book too. Mog forgets everything and he forgets about his cat flap and a robber steals from Mog’s house while every one is asleep but Mog meows at the window and he scares the robber who gets arrested.

KS1 Dance Performance

Chris from The University of Hull has been coming in to Christopher Pickering Primary School every Friday for the last 4 weeks to teach Dance and Drama to our Key Stage 1 children.

On Friday (31st January) the children performed a dance to the rest of the school. The performers and the audience both really enjoyed the performance.


Well done to our Key Stage One children! You were fantastic!

Timelines of Queen Elizabeth II

Today in Year 2 during our topic lesson we were historians. Each group had a selection of photographs all of Queen Elizabeth II and some of the most significant events in her life.
First we discussed what we thought was happening in every picture then we had to order them in chronological order. We learned lots of new facts about her which we then wrote onto a timeline!




Charlie is this weeks Y2 Reading Champion

Charlie is this weeks Year 2 Reading Champion because he loves to read! He always reads at home and has so far read lots of classics such as George’s Marvellous Medicine.

I am reading different poems from the Mother Goose book.

I have Read 100 poems from it and there is even a cheese on toast poem which is my favourite because it is funny.

I always read at home and I like reading at weekends and in the morning.

Well done Charlie! It is fabulous to hear and see children enjoy reading!

Read, Write Inc Parents Afternoon

Thank you so much to all the parents that were able to make our ‘Read, Write Inc’ afternoon today.

The children absolutely loved it and were keen to show what they do during phonics lessons, and how they share books with you.

For more information on how to help your children with Read, Write Inc please download the attached link:


Molly is this weeks Y2 Reading Champion!!

Every week, the Y2 staff will be choosing a pupil to be crowned ‘Reading Champion’ to encourage the love of reading and for the children to share and read books at home and in school.

This weeks reading champion is Molly who is currently reading George’s Marvellous Medicine! Well done Molly!

I am reading George’s Medicine and I am really enjoying it. My favourite part is where the Grandma and George are mean to each other. He is so polite but his Grandma is mean to him. 

I have got up to the part where where Grandma can no longer fit in the house because George has made a medicine so that she has grown so tall. 

I really like reading at home and I always read at bedtime. by Molly 



Art and Design with the Children’s University!

Today, Year 1 had a fantastic time  working in teams to create kites as part of their creative session with The Children’s University.

First, we used scraps of material, glue, sellotape and paper to create a kite.


We worked in teams and helped each other. Here are some of our fantastic results!



There was a prize for the top team who worked amazingly and created a super kite!

As a special treat we were also shown a Chinese New Year dragon costume and we got to have a go.

We had a great morning being creative!

Everyday Objects and Materials

in science this term we are studying materials. Today we walked around the school grounds to identify everyday objects and what materials they are made from.
Our investigation showed that in the school grounds we have many different materials everywhere such as metal fences, wooden benches, rubber tyres and glass windows.
We discussed why each object was made from the material it was made from.

Children’s University Dance and Drama!

Year one were extremely lucky to have the Children’s University come in and visit them today!

First of all we played a really fun warm up game to some really funky music. We then learned a song and learned how to sign it too!

Then we played a game of caves and explorers! We found diamonds and jewels and had so much fun!

Thanks for visiting us, we’re really excited to see you again next week!

Year 2 have had a very Royal Time!

In Year 2, our new topic is Queens, Kings and Knights and we are finding out ‘What makes someone Royal?’

We have had a fabulous start to the year as we have been making some royal artefacts!

First, we learned about Coats of Arms, why people used them, why they colourful and why they used symbols. We looked at different designs and created our own!

Then, we learned all about crowns – this history of crowns, what they are made from and why the monarchy wear them.