KS1 visit to Christopher Pickering Lodges

On Thursday 8th November 2018, 8 children from KS1 were chosen to visit Christopher Pickering Lodges. They were very excited and eager to make new friends.

They played ‘Snakes and Ladders’ with the elderly residents:


They played ‘Connect Four’:

They played a game of Dominoes:


And they even had a delicious lunch!

Both the children and the elderly residents had a fantastic time. We hope to visit again soon!


Forest School Fun!

Some year two children have had a fun morning in Forest School today! We made natural pictures using materials we found on our own forest floor. We chose leaves with the brightest colours and had a go at finding the colours of the rainbow in the different leaves. We had to work in a team to construct a ‘bonfire’ and choose the best logs and sticks for it. We had lots of fun exploring the area of our school and we even found some creepy crawlies!  

We can’t wait to develop our Forest School area by planting more trees with the National Trust.

What a week in Key Stage One!

This week in KS1 we have been learning all about bonfire night!




Year two have learnt about Guy Fawkes and have created some bonfire artwork and poetry. 



Year one used natural materials to create a beautiful bonfire night scene and year two got creative with oil pastels and paint. Just look at some of our beautiful work!


Year 2 have been writing Wanted posters for these sneaky, suspicious and mischievous pirates! 

We are really proud of our writing!

Have you seen them anywhere?

Pirate Instructions

Our non- fiction unit for this term has been instructions. We have been doing lots of different pirate crafts in Topic and then writing instructions for how to make them in English. We have made an eye patch, a pirate hook and some pirate’s gold!

What was it like to be a pirate?

Key Stage 1’s topic for the Summer term is; What was it like to be a pirate? Our pod has been transformed into a pirate’s deserted island.

To celebrate the launch of our topic we held a ‘Wow’ day were we became pirates for the day!

It was lots of fun being a pirate!


Crown Jewels Exhibition

To end our topic, ‘What makes someone Royal?’, Key Stage 1 hosted their own version of The Tower of London. We displayed our crowns that we had made and held a Crown Jewels Exhibition. Our parents came after school to have a look and they were very impressed. We also sold jeweled biscuits that we had made to raise money for our next immersive learning project.

The day before our exhibition we had a very exciting delivery! It was a letter from the Queen’s Lady in Waiting. We also put this on display for our parents and they were very impressed!


Maths is Fun

On Thursday afternoon we invited parents and carers in to Key Stage 1 for a ‘Maths is Fun’ session. In year 2 we worked with our parents and carers on division challenges. We used objects for the green challenges, drew our answers for the amber challenges and used  mental methods for the red questions.

When we had finished, we worked on our reasoning skills with some challenge questions. We had a brilliant afternoon!

2D Shapes

In Miss Stathers’  Maths class this week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We have counted the sides and vertices on shapes and learned how to draw them. Then we looked at vertical lines of symmetry.

We had great fun making a line of symmetry by folding shapes.


Then we drew lines of symmetry on shapes.

Next week we are looking at 3D shapes.

Royal Portraits

This term in key stage 1 we have been looking at a the topic of ‘What makes someone Royal?’ As part of our topic we have been looking at the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Being The Queen, Elizabeth II has had lots of portraits painted in her image, so we thought we would give this a go.

In art, we explored a range of different media to create portraits of The Queen, including: painting, sketching, pastels, collage and computers.

Here is what we created.


You could create a portrait of The Queen at home.

How many different ways can you do it?

Crayons? Hama beads? Pasta? Chalk?

The possibilities are endless!