STEM Challenge

The children in Year 3/4 recently embarked on a Phase STEM challenge to create a ‘Spaghetti Structure’ which was strong enough to stand unsupported! Spaghetti and marshmallows were the only materials the children could use to create their structures. Ideas and designs briefs were shared within groups before the children got on with the task. Children had to decide whether the power of triangles or squares was the best design feature to use in order to create a strong spaghetti structure. Great teamwork, skill and creativity was demonstrated and lots of fun was had by all!!!

Key Stage 1 get ready for Art in The Park

As part of the Hull City of Culture programme of events, Christopher Pickering Primary School will be hosting an event with Ganton Special School and Bridgeview Whitehouse Sullivan Centre. The event will be held in Pickering Park showcasing the children’s art work and giving the children an opportunity to take part in some land Art.

Local Artist, Michele Davy has spent two days in school preparing art work for the event. Key Stage 1 have focused on Woodland Animals; drawing them and then creating them out of clay.

Don’t they look wonderful?

We hope to see you there on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th June!

Rainforest Artwork

Miss Stainton’s class have been working really hard on their drawing, cutting, and sticking skills recently! We have been inspired by our new topic ‘Rainforests’ and have drawn some fantastic artwork. We also studied the fascinating ‘Morpho butterfly’ and created our own models of them. We definitely have some excellent artists in year 3!


KS1 Deep, Dark Wood Wow Day

Our new topic is ‘What would you find in the deep, dark wood?’


To introduce the topic the children came to school dressed as a character you might find in a wood. Do you recognise which story these characters are from?

001The children explored traditional tales set in a wood. This involved learning the signifiers and acting out the story.

097 We then went on a nature hunt to see what we could find in a wood. The children collected natural materials to take back to their classrooms.


The children then use their materials to create a nature collage. 007

After our collage we went for a picnic on our new enchanted wood. We had a wonderful time!



Primary science quality mark

Here at Christopher Pickering Primary School we are very proud to have achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark.


“High quality displays and thoughtful evaluations show a shared and demonstrated understanding of the importance of science”.

“The portfolio demonstrates a range of teaching and learning approaches, including drama, the use of practical materials, modelling and children planning their own investigations”.

“Differentiated learning has been carefully evaluated to ensure that children are accessing at their own level, supporting LA and challenging the HA”.