STEM Challenge

The children in Year 3/4 recently embarked on a Phase STEM challenge to create a ‘Spaghetti Structure’ which was strong enough to stand unsupported! Spaghetti and marshmallows were the only materials the children could use to create their structures. Ideas and designs briefs were shared within groups before the children got on with the task. Children had to decide whether the power of triangles or squares was the best design feature to use in order to create a strong spaghetti structure. Great teamwork, skill and creativity was demonstrated and lots of fun was had by all!!!

2D Shape Challenge!

Miss Stewart’s Y3 Maths class had to work collaboratively to identify and sort 2D shapes in as many different ways possible! The children demonstrated super teamwork skills and were confident in sharing their great knowledge and understanding of 2D shapes!!

ABP Container Competition

Last Friday saw Ellie, Kitana and AJ travel to ABP to see the unveiling of their art work on a brand new shipping container. They won the competition, in association with Hull Children’s University, after attending a Digital Art module at the KCOM learning zone. They took photographs in and around Hull Maritime Museum and learnt how to manipulate and edit their images using a variety of apps.  They were thrilled to see their finished piece represented on a brand new shipping container. The container has been fitted with a tracking device to enable the children to follow its journey around the world for a whole year!


KS1 Show their Hidden Talents

As a ‘Wow Day’ to launch our new topic, ‘What can you show the world?’ KS1 came to school showing their hidden talents. We had lots of different talents ranging from dancing to baseball!

In the morning we spent time learning new talents with Mr Seymour, Miss Farrah, Miss Stockton and Miss Stathers. 

Then in the afternoon we held our own show. It was brilliant fun!

‘Wired Differently’ Performance

Once again our ‘School Council’ were invited to attend the dress rehearsal of the ‘Wired Differently’ performance at Ganton at Sirius. Students had worked alongside a play-write for the Hull City of Culture to create a truly amazing performance, which identified and celebrated that we are all different and that there is no such thing as ‘normal’!

Well done to all involved and a HUGE, HUGE ‘THANK -YOU!’ from all of the Christopher Pickering ‘School Council’ and both Miss Stewart and Mrs Pearson!!!

Right Angle Investigation

Miss Barnett’s Maths class had fun investigating right angles in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. We created our our own ‘angle-eaters’ to help us find and record where right angles could be found.

Rights Cafe

The children in our School Council were once again privileged to visit Ganton Secondary to attend the ‘Rights Cafe’ which was hosted by the young people in Venus class. A wonderful time was had by all and we were even lucky enough to enjoy the glorious weather!
Thank you Venus class!!!

IMG_1316[1] IMG_1317[1]

Rights and Responsibilities

Children from the Christopher Pickering School Council were privileged to attend Ganton Academy to work alongside the students in Venus class. Work was undertaken on the ‘UN Convention of the Rights of a Child’ whereby the children identified and discussed some of the articles held within the charter. We also undertook some role play activities where we collaborated and acted out significant articles for other groups of children to identify. The children then conducted a QR code hunt using I-pads to match the article numbers to relevant information given. A super morning was had by all, children and staff alike!!! Thank you Venus class!!!

IMG_1193[1] IMG_1194[1]

Significant Saints

In R.E, Year 4 have been using the I-pads and QR codes to research the four Patron Saints of the United Kingdom. We have identified and compared similar traits and qualities between these significant men (Each were Christians; selfless; brave; kind; loyal etc), as well as the heroic and brave acts they were recognised for.


Key Stage 1 Polar Explorer Exhibition

This term Key Stage 1 have been investigating the question; What is a Polar Explorer? First we investigated where Antarctica is and what it is like there. We looked at what Polar Explorers might do and what they might find in Antarctica.

Once we understood about what Antarctica is like today, we looked at what Antarctica was like in the past. We also learnt about Hull’s Antarctic heroes; WIlliam Colbeck and Alfred Cheetham.

To showcase our work we decided to put on our own exhibition. Our exhibition including a  series of collections.


Our first collection was named ‘Antarctica’ and featured art work, poems and postcards from all of Key Stage 1.


 Collection 2 focussed on Captain Scott and was created by Miss Stockton’s class.

Collection 3  was created by Year 1 and included a series of letters and sketches of William Colbeck.


Collection 4  was created by Miss Stathers’ class and featured a range of fact files, diary entries and sketches of Alfred Cheetham.


The children in Key Stage 1 were the official tour guides for our exhibition. They taught the rest of the school all about Antarctica and the different explorers from the past.


After school we opened our exhibition to the parents. They had a wonderful time celebrating the work we had done this term!