Y6 Undertake important research!

This week, Y6 have been very busy undertaking important research an presenting their finding’s through pie-charts.

Firat children came up with important questions such as ‘What is the best flavour of I-cream?’ or ‘Who is your favourite teacher?’

Their results where then tallied and converted into a pie chart.

Well done Vanessa!


Year 2 learn to Tell the Time

Year 2 have been learning to tell the time in Maths this week, They have learned about the different hands on a clock and can now read, write and match the time on a clock.


Right Angle Investigation

Miss Barnett’s Maths class had fun investigating right angles in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. We created our our own ‘angle-eaters’ to help us find and record where right angles could be found.

Identifying different types of angles

Miss Stainton’s maths class have been busy working collaboratively to identify different types of angles. We have been using the vocabulary ‘obtuse, acute, and right angles’ when describing them. All of the angles were linked to rainforest plants which also helped our topic knowledge!


Rainforest Shape Hunt

Miss Stainton’s maths class have been very busy this week learning about the properties of a wide range of 2d shapes. Today they had to solve some rainforest animal riddles to reveal the hidden shapes the animals were hiding! There was some excellent team work going on as the children ventured around the pod working in pairs.


Learning to tell the time!

Miss Stainton’s maths class have been working hard over the past few days learning how to tell the time. Today they were given pretend watches to wear and they had to ask all of their classmates to show them their watches. They then had to work out what time it said and write it down on their sheets. The children worked so hard to try complete their sheets so that they had everyone’s times written down, excellent work year 3!


WW2 Fraction problem solving!

As an end of unit quiz, Miss Stainton’s maths class were sent on a fraction problem solving hunt within their pod. This involved the children answering a variety of fraction related questions which all had a WW2 theme! Great work Y3!