Year 3/4 WW2 themed school trip!

Just before the Easter holidays, years 3 and 4 visited the Hull Heritage Learning Museum and took part in a variety of WW2 activities as a fabulous finish to their topic. The day included opportunities for the children to take part in evacuee role play, fact finding and exploration of real WW2 artefacts plus exploring the rations and looking at what food they would have had to survive on during this time period. The children had a fantastic time and it was excellent to see them share all of their knowledge with the staff who worked there. They have all worked so hard this term learning about all things WW2 and they really deserved this exciting school trip to top off an excellent spring term! Well done years 3/4!IMG_5674[1] IMG_5675[1] IMG_5676[1]

Key Stage 1 Polar Explorer Exhibition

This term Key Stage 1 have been investigating the question; What is a Polar Explorer? First we investigated where Antarctica is and what it is like there. We looked at what Polar Explorers might do and what they might find in Antarctica.

Once we understood about what Antarctica is like today, we looked at what Antarctica was like in the past. We also learnt about Hull’s Antarctic heroes; WIlliam Colbeck and Alfred Cheetham.

To showcase our work we decided to put on our own exhibition. Our exhibition including a  series of collections.


Our first collection was named ‘Antarctica’ and featured art work, poems and postcards from all of Key Stage 1.


 Collection 2 focussed on Captain Scott and was created by Miss Stockton’s class.

Collection 3  was created by Year 1 and included a series of letters and sketches of William Colbeck.


Collection 4  was created by Miss Stathers’ class and featured a range of fact files, diary entries and sketches of Alfred Cheetham.


The children in Key Stage 1 were the official tour guides for our exhibition. They taught the rest of the school all about Antarctica and the different explorers from the past.


After school we opened our exhibition to the parents. They had a wonderful time celebrating the work we had done this term!



Y3/4 WW2 Production!

Year 3/4 loved performing their WW2 themed production to the rest of the school and parents and visitors. They were proud to showcase some of their work and performed classic WW2 songs accompanied by some dancing! All the children looked fantastic in their evacuee outfits and they have thoroughly enjoyed learning about this interesting topic!


WW2 Fraction problem solving!

As an end of unit quiz, Miss Stainton’s maths class were sent on a fraction problem solving hunt within their pod. This involved the children answering a variety of fraction related questions which all had a WW2 theme! Great work Y3!






Year 5 have planned and will write a biography on the life of William Wilberforce. The children have found lots of interesting facts which they will include.

QR Code Hunt

Today we found out about the blackouts in World War two. Also we have been comparing the buildings from during the war and the buildings now. We have been using the I pads and scanning the QR codes for facts about World War two. We worked in pairs and had a clipboard we had to write the facts on our work sheets, we had questions on the sheets that we could find out through the QR codes. We had to venture round the Y 3/4 pod to find them. They were scattered all over the cupboards and all over the tables.

By Brooke

(Y4 L)

Blitz QR code hunt!

Miss Stainton’s class really enjoyed their afternoon in the pod hunting for QR codes! They were given a Blitz quiz and had to search for the answers using the scanner on the iPads. Lots of excellent teamwork skills were being demonstrated as they worked in pairs and they found out some really interesting things about how Hull was affected during this time period in History!

Collaborative Research

In English, children in Year 4 have been working collaboratively whilst using their computing skills to research important information about one of the significant ambassadors of Hull: Sir Leo Schultz.

We found out that he led a major campaign whilst serving as an MP for Hull at the beginning of WWII to ensure that each household in the city received an Anderson Shelter to keep families safe during air raid attacks. We also discovered that he himself served as an air raid warden throughout the Blitz, for which he later received an OBE from the Queen in recognition of his work both during the war and for his service towards the government!

We will be using our new found knowledge to assist us in writing a formal letter directed to Mr. Schultz and/or the council in relation to the campaign at the time it was led.

IMG_0905[1] IMG_0911[1]

Letter writing

Children from Miss Barnett’s literacy set have been writing informal letters. Children had to imagine they were writing to a friend of family member who was away at war! IMG_0832 IMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0835 IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0838