ABP Container Competition

Last Friday saw Ellie, Kitana and AJ travel to ABP to see the unveiling of their art work on a brand new shipping container. They won the competition, in association with Hull Children’s University, after attending a Digital Art module at the KCOM learning zone. They took photographs in and around Hull Maritime Museum and learnt how to manipulate and edit their images using a variety of apps.  They were thrilled to see their finished piece represented on a brand new shipping container. The container has been fitted with a tracking device to enable the children to follow its journey around the world for a whole year!


Y3/4 Trip to Tropical World!

We had a fantastic time celebrating the end of our ‘Rainforests’ topic with an exciting trip to Tropical World near Leeds. The children were SO excited to come face to face with many of the animals we have been learning about over the past few months! It was also a fantastic chance to experience the rainforest climate and really imagine what it would be like to walk through a tropical rainforest. The children couldn’t believe it when morpho butterflies flew past them – some even landed on them! We were also very excited to see snakes, piranhas, dart frogs, and much much more! A brilliant day was had by all!

Y3/4 Rainforest Extravaganza!

We all had a fantastic time at our fundraising event in 3/4 on Thursday after school!

The children have spent lots of time learning about deforestation and felt passionately about hosting a fundraising event so that we could donate money to charities and also adopt an orangutan! There were lots of stalls around our pod and an art gallery in the hall showcased some fantastic rainforest artwork created by the children. Lots of people attended the event and had fun buying cakes and buns (created using fairtrade ingredients!), having their face painted, buying tombola tickets, and throwing wet sponges at some of the teachers!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and donated money which helped us raise a grand total of £325!!! Wow!

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Identifying different types of angles

Miss Stainton’s maths class have been busy working collaboratively to identify different types of angles. We have been using the vocabulary ‘obtuse, acute, and right angles’ when describing them. All of the angles were linked to rainforest plants which also helped our topic knowledge!


Y3/4 Meet some rainforest animals and insects!

We all arrived at school this morning super excited for our visit from Zoolab! We have been looking forward to this for weeks because we knew we would have chance to see, and even touch, some of our visitors! We were all very brave and loved getting up close to these animals and insects… Look at some of these photographs which show how much fun we had! What an amazing morning!

IMG_5847[1] IMG_5823[1] IMG_5822[1]

Rainforest Fact Files

Miss Stainton’s class really enjoyed immersing themselves in their rainforest themed pod this afternoon as they worked hard to carry out independent research on their topic. They were given some key questions to investigate and worked in pairs to research these using the iPads whilst also exploring what could be found in the pod! Some children even got into character by dressing up as rainforest explorers! Super work year 3.


rainforest explorers

Year 3/4 Rainforest WOW day!

Year 3/4 were really surprised when they walked into their pod after the Easter holidays to find it had been transformed into a tropical rainforest!

They spent the day hunting for QR codes to scan which revealed interesting facts about the rainforest. The children showed excellent team work as they worked together to complete their booklets. We are really excited to find out more about the rainforests over the next term!

rainforest qr hunt 2 rainforest qr hunt

Key Stage 1 Polar Explorer Exhibition

This term Key Stage 1 have been investigating the question; What is a Polar Explorer? First we investigated where Antarctica is and what it is like there. We looked at what Polar Explorers might do and what they might find in Antarctica.

Once we understood about what Antarctica is like today, we looked at what Antarctica was like in the past. We also learnt about Hull’s Antarctic heroes; WIlliam Colbeck and Alfred Cheetham.

To showcase our work we decided to put on our own exhibition. Our exhibition including a  series of collections.


Our first collection was named ‘Antarctica’ and featured art work, poems and postcards from all of Key Stage 1.


 Collection 2 focussed on Captain Scott and was created by Miss Stockton’s class.

Collection 3  was created by Year 1 and included a series of letters and sketches of William Colbeck.


Collection 4  was created by Miss Stathers’ class and featured a range of fact files, diary entries and sketches of Alfred Cheetham.


The children in Key Stage 1 were the official tour guides for our exhibition. They taught the rest of the school all about Antarctica and the different explorers from the past.


After school we opened our exhibition to the parents. They had a wonderful time celebrating the work we had done this term!



Shrove Tuesday and Lent

The children in Year 3 have been learning about the Christian concepts of ‘Shrove Tuesday’ and ‘Lent’. We discussed the tradition of using up foods (eg eggs, butter and milk), which were usually given up during the fasting period of Lent. We also learned how Shrove Tuesday is celebrated around the world:

Sweden – Shrove Tuesday is called ‘Fettsdagen’ which translates to Fat Tuesday and small pastries are eaten called ‘Semla’ instead of pancakes!

France – Shrove Tuesday is called ‘Mardi Gras’ which translates to Fat Tuesday and pancakes called ‘crepes’ are eaten!

Portugal – Shrove Tuesday is called ‘Carnaval’ but instead of pancakes small doughnuts are eaten called ‘Malasadas’.

Iceleand – Shrove Tuesday is called ‘Sprengidagur’ which translates to ‘Bursting Day’. However, pancakes are not eaten but instead a dish of salted meats and peas is served!

After completing our work we had our own mini celebration with delicious pancakes – YUM!

IMG_0947[1] IMG_0946[1]