Year 2 Instruction Writing

Year 2 have been learning how to write instructions this term.  First of all we looked at the different features of instructions.

 We structured a set of instructions, followed different instructions and had a go at writing our own.

For our Hot Write we planted some beans and then wrote a set of instructions for how to plant beans!

Year 1 compare stories

Year 1 have been reading different versions of the story `The Three Little Pigs` and have been thinking about aspects of the stories that are the same and different. The children loved the version from the Wolf`s perspective. Was he big and bad after all?

IMG_3983[1] IMG_3982[1]

Acting out Little Red Riding Hood

In English in Year 2 our new text is Little Red Riding Hood. We spent the first week getting to know the story using signifiers, story maps and acting out the story. Super acting skills Year 2.


Significant Saints

In R.E, Year 4 have been using the I-pads and QR codes to research the four Patron Saints of the United Kingdom. We have identified and compared similar traits and qualities between these significant men (Each were Christians; selfless; brave; kind; loyal etc), as well as the heroic and brave acts they were recognised for.


Rainforest Fact Files

Miss Stainton’s class really enjoyed immersing themselves in their rainforest themed pod this afternoon as they worked hard to carry out independent research on their topic. They were given some key questions to investigate and worked in pairs to research these using the iPads whilst also exploring what could be found in the pod! Some children even got into character by dressing up as rainforest explorers! Super work year 3.


rainforest explorers

Key Stage 1 Polar Explorer Exhibition

This term Key Stage 1 have been investigating the question; What is a Polar Explorer? First we investigated where Antarctica is and what it is like there. We looked at what Polar Explorers might do and what they might find in Antarctica.

Once we understood about what Antarctica is like today, we looked at what Antarctica was like in the past. We also learnt about Hull’s Antarctic heroes; WIlliam Colbeck and Alfred Cheetham.

To showcase our work we decided to put on our own exhibition. Our exhibition including a  series of collections.


Our first collection was named ‘Antarctica’ and featured art work, poems and postcards from all of Key Stage 1.


 Collection 2 focussed on Captain Scott and was created by Miss Stockton’s class.

Collection 3  was created by Year 1 and included a series of letters and sketches of William Colbeck.


Collection 4  was created by Miss Stathers’ class and featured a range of fact files, diary entries and sketches of Alfred Cheetham.


The children in Key Stage 1 were the official tour guides for our exhibition. They taught the rest of the school all about Antarctica and the different explorers from the past.


After school we opened our exhibition to the parents. They had a wonderful time celebrating the work we had done this term!



Important people

IMG_0042Miss Barnett’s class have been learning about important job roles during the WW2 Blitiz. They had to research these job roles and then in groups act out these job roles.

Poster Competition

Safer Roads Humber has invited all key stage two pupils to enter a road safety competition. The competition is part of a “Drive safely on my road…” campaign which will encourage motorists to drive safely and appropriately at all times.There are some fantastic prizes to be won. Also, the winning entries will be displayed as road signs. As you can see Y6 pupils have come up with some fantastic ideas. Let’s hope we have a winner!!!



Year 3 Pen Pals!

Miss Stainton’s English class have been working extremely hard learning about formal and informal letter writing.

We have been in touch with a Catholic primary school in Cheshire and have all been given a pen pal to write to! This gives us a chance to demonstrate and practise our letter writing skills. Yesterday we drafted our letters and thought of some interesting facts and questions to include them, and today we wrote them up ready for Miss Stainton to post!

We can’t wait for our replies!

IMG_5500[1] IMG_5508[1]

Letter writing


Miss Barnett’s literacy set have been looking at how a letter a should be organised usingQR codes to find the features. Children worked well in pairs using the iPads to support their learning.