RWI baskets

Please can all RWI basket be placed on the stairs by the end of the day tomorrow?  Put a label on your basket so we can give the correct one back to you.

Many thanks xx

Science week

Dear all,

I will be doing an assembly at the usual time on Monday morning to introduce science week. Please could everyone do their best to tweet and blog throughout the week. I will try to pop in to a few lessons and take some photos as well.

Just a reminder of what was discussed in the science staff meeting. It was agreed that all year groups would carry out their usual science lesson for the week with at least one additional lesson/activity which does not necessarily need to be linked to the unit of work (i.e. it can be a fun/wow activity).

I’m attaching the timetable from the staff meeting as a reminder of what you said you would be doing. Some year groups aren’t on it as I know you were going to go away and discuss.

Hope you have a good week.

Many thanks


Book Sale!

Team SEN are delighted to announce that we raised £128.75 today in our World Book Day Sale!

Thank you to everyone involved in making this a success!

Team SEN

Child Mental Health Week

Next week is Child Mental Health Week. The theme this year is ‘Find your brave’. Please could all classes do something based on this throughout the week. There are a few activity ideas on the website below. In Year 5 we are going to discuss what bravery is, how being brave makes us feel, what challenges may get in the way of being brave and brave things that we have done, then we’re going to complete the This Is Me activity that the website suggests. Once you have completed an activity with your class, please could you tweet or blog (tag the PSHE page).

Below is the link to the page with the activity ideas on:

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to email me or come and find me.

Thank you

Jess x

Science Staff meeting 29.1.20

Dear all,

Tomorrow’s staff meeting is on Science and will be in my room. Please could you sit in phases as we have a document that we’d like you to look through.

In your phase meetings this week, please could you discuss what you plan to do for Science week in March? We are putting together a timetable and would like to add everyone’s plans by the end of the week. The theme this year is ‘Our Diverse Planet’; there are lots of ideas on the website We would like you to plan for your normal Science lesson plus one additional morning/afternoon/day. We will introduce Science week in assembly on Monday 9th March and it will run until Friday 13th March.

Many thanks

Deb and Terrie x

A couple of weeks ago the children in the school choir were lucky enough to be involved in recording a new Christmas song with Viking FMs Cash for Kids. “A Winters Dream The Thousand Voices” is now available for Pre-order and will be released on Friday 6th December. Available on Amazon Music, iTunes and Google Play. Please support the charity and our Choir by downloading the song. Our wish is that is gets to Number 1 in the charts.

Anti-Bullying Week

The 11th-15th November is anti-bullying week. It would be great if at some point during the week you could have some discussions or complete some activities with your classes based on bullying and what to do if you are a victim of bullying or know anyone that is being bullied. Please could you tweet about any activities you do do with the children.

Remembrance assembly

Image result for we will remember them

Dear all,

Year 3/4 will be taking the Remembrance Assembly on Monday.  Assembly will begin at the usual time of 10.30am but will continue until just gone 11 (maybe even 10 past) in order to have the two minutes of silence as near to 11 o’clock as possible. You may therefore wish to organise in your phases to have an early playtime.

This year, as we have been studying WWII, we thought we would also share some of our learning so far in this topic.

Please could you remind the children about the importance of remaining quiet during the two minutes silence and that they should repeat the words ‘we will remember them’ after the exhortation.

A text will be going out tomorrow asking for donations for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. At the end of the assembly, as the children file out, they will be asked to place their donation on a large poppy at the front of the hall so please remind them to bring it with them.

We will be rehearsing in the hall from 9am. Huge thanks to Foundation Stage for giving up their hall time for us – we really appreciate it.

Many thanks

Team 3/4

Christmas Cards!

As crazy as that sounds, I’m afraid that it is that time of year again! Once again we are going to take part the the IQ Christmas fundraiser for school. Cards need to be ‘created’, ready to send home, by Friday 27th September. I will deliver the provided paper by the end of Friday (13th) to your phases. Nothing can be stuck onto the cards so please just use paints, pens etc. Pencil crayon is a bit wishy-washy, strong colours look more striking.

If you are struggling for ideas in your phase feel free to come and see me. Please use this opportunity to support the children in their creations rather than just letting them do them completely independently. The better they are the more orders we will get and the more money we will raise.

Many thanks, hope you enjoy it!


PS if we have any spare sheets feel free to take one home for your own children.