Hub 1 Shape Hunt


Hub 1 have been identifying 2D shapes around our lovely school. Can you recognise the shapes we found?

The Grand Opening!


The HUB children were so excited and proud to be invited to the grand opening of Ganton School`s amazing new playground.

KS2 HUB Trip to Pickering Park Community Orchard

We had a lovely morning at Pickering Park Community Orchard. The sun was shining when we were met by Yvette who works at the orchard.

We got to taste three varieties of apple that are grown at the orchard – they were all delicious. We saw all of the bee hives and learnt how important they are in the pollination process and are the reason we have apples every year.

We used ‘Apple Wizards’ to collect all of the fallen apples from the ground and then we got to try the freshly pressed apple juice!

We picked apples from the trees and were allowed to take some home. A fabulous morning and well worth a trip!

KS2 HUB Hull Fair Day

In the KS2 HUB we have had a lovely morning celebrating Hull Fair.

We have been tasting Hull Fair sweets and describing what they taste and feel like, we have been painting pictures and describing what we can see at Hull Fair.

Outside on our balcony we have had our own Hull Fair games like Hook a Duck and target games – we have had to use our maths skills to see who won! 

We have even made our very own chocolate apples – tomorrow we will be writing instructions!

KS2 HUB Breakfast Club


In the KS2 HUB we have our own breakfast club every Monday morning where we chat about our weekends and all of the good things that we have done.

This morning we had toast and juice – we spread the butter, cut the toast then washed up our own dishes!


KS2 HUB Trip to Country Park

On Wednesday 26th September we went to the Country Park in Hessle for a sensory walk. We found lots of things such as sticks, conkers and lots of colouful leaves. We walked through the quiet, dark wood and thought of lots of adjectives to describe what we could see and how we felt.

We all had a lovely time!

KS2 HUB Fun at Pickering Park

On Wednesday 19th September, the KS2 HUB children went for an adventure to the park and all had a lovely time.

First we went on a nature hunt and collected lots of different leaves, conkers, pine cones and even saw some squirrels running around.

Then we went to the park and played on the equipment and had a snack.

We went on the zip line and played some team building games such as the parachute.


An exciting adventure!

This week Lily and Destiney have been on a adventure with Mrs. Thordason learning about nature and the environment. They looked for bug in the rotten wood, discussed how we look after birds and caught up with jobs in the poly tunnel. Great work girls!


A busy week in mathematics

This week the Hubs have been very busy with children working hard on their mathematics.

In Foundation, Bobby, Raphael and Davy spent time in our ‘Woodland’ working on their counting and sorting skills.

These Year 5 boys worked outside with Mrs. Pearson on their number bonds.

Destiney has been working hard with Mrs. Thordason to learn important number facts.



The winning team with School Games Organiser, Mark Arridge. (LR) Alex C, Finley M, Kara LC, Kiera M. 

Full results:2016 2017 Year 3 and 4 Hull School Games Primary Boccia Championships Results

On Monday, eight Y34s took part in the Hull School Games Boccia Championships. Boccia a highly competitive paralympic sport very similar to french boules. This was the first time the children had ever played this game and the first time they have ever represented the school in competitive sport.

Amazingly, out of 23 teams, our team finished 1st and 3rd! The children were VERY excited to find out they have won and it was fantastic to see them having such an enjoyable times.

A huge well done children – lets see what the Y56 competition brings next year!