Today in year 4 we were predicting whether a circuit would work or not. We then replicated the circuits to test our predictions.




For sports relief this year we covered 3 elements to help us get our ‘game on.’ We learnt about the heart and the affects of exercise on the heart. We put our hearts to work during our active mile. We also looked at the body and learnt about how to be healthy. Each class designed and made a healthy meal or snack. We also spoke about our soul, and how we can be calm and happy, for this we did some yoga and a guided meditation.

Please click on the link below to see pictures of the day in each year group. It was a lovely fun day for all year groups and we really did learn a lot in aid of Sports Relief and raised money.

Sports Relief 2020 – Heart, Body and Soul Day

Science Week in KS1

This week we are looking at how different fruit and vegetables grow.

We drew some seeds and predicted which will turn into a seedling first.

Then we planted some seeds, covered them with soil, watered them and placed them near a window.

Year 6 Science Week begins

This morning in Mr Sutton’s class, we have been extending our knowledge on the human body. We were lucky enough to have some Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools training (IMPS). The class really enjoyed learning about the different ways to save a life. They learnt about how to keep the heart going through completing DRS ABC and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR. Also throughout the morning year 6 enjoyed looking at the tools which aid recovery such as casts and steri-strips.

KS1 Science Week

If anyone has any fruit or veg that is past it’s best and could be donated to our seed extraction and planting session tomorrow we would be very grateful. We also need plastic containers or old plants pots if you have any lying around.

Thank you in advance!


As part of our ‘Animal including humans’ unit of work, we have been learning all about muscles and how they work. We now know that we need our muscles to be able to move our skeleton. We discovered that our muscles are attached to our bones by tendons and that most muscles work in pairs. As one muscle contracts, the other relaxes and vice versa. We had a great time making a model arm with a bicep and tricep! We could see that as the arm bent, the bicep contracted and as it straightened, the bicep relaxed.


Stem club

The children in the year 3/4 STEM club were very excited for the first session! They had a great time working in teams to create bridges using only newspaper and masking tape. They loved testing the strength of their bridge with a model car. Some were more successful than others but everyone contributed brilliantly and most importantly they all thoroughly enjoyed the task.

Everyday Objects and Materials

in science this term we are studying materials. Today we walked around the school grounds to identify everyday objects and what materials they are made from.
Our investigation showed that in the school grounds we have many different materials everywhere such as metal fences, wooden benches, rubber tyres and glass windows.
We discussed why each object was made from the material it was made from.

HET Bridge Building Challenge

Pupils in Year 5 had fun with our friends at Ganton Primary School this afternoon during our bridge building STEM challenge. We were challenged to build the sturdiest structure to support the HET bear. #makingnewfriends