❄SNOW IN F1! ❄

F1 had lots of fun exploring the fake snow in our outdoor area!

Albie said the ice was going to melt!

Maria made a snow coffee!

Exploring the ice.

The children had so much fun looking at all the different areas outside. They investigated all the plants and we talked about what happens to them in winter. We looked at the mud kitchen and we could see how the water had turned into ice. They enjoyed writing down their finds and taking pictures .

Y4 Working Scientifically

After learning how to build complete circuits, we wanted to be able to turn them on and off. We examined where would find and use switches in everyday life before we went on to build and create our own switches out of everyday materials such as card, foil, paper clips and split pins.

During this practical task, our young electricians worked collaboratively to create effective switches. The children’s  reactions were brilliant, it was great to see them feeling proud of their achievements and being delighted with their functional switches.


Year 2 Materials

Year 2 have started a new unit on Materials. They have been investigating which materials can change shape and which materials can not! For each material they investigated whether it  would squash, twist, bend stretch.

Year Four Scientists

Electricity! A unit of work that has really hooked our interest! We loved being scientists this afternoon, working on a challenge, with little information given, to light a bulb and create a simple series circuit.  The excitement in the room was electric as one by one, each team managed to light up their bulb! We then explored the function of other components within a circuit and we can not wait for next weeks lesson to take this a step further 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

Year 6 Science

Year 6 have really enjoyed learning how light enables them to see. They experimented on how distance affects your vision and realised the further away you went the blurrier things became (generally). They also created an entertainment show explaining how light travels and how it enables you to see. They really enjoyed performing these to each other in the class.

Year 3 – Light

The children in year are really impressing us with the scientific skills they are developing this year. About light, they can say what a light source is, name a number of different light sources and address common misconceptions about light sources. For instance, they can explain that a mirror is not a light source but is merely a good reflector of light. They loved applying their knowledge of reflection to designing a school back pack, with all of them remembering to include retroreflective material within their design.

Children In Need

All our little ‘Hubbles’ looked amazing in their Pudsey Bear outfits today , fundraising for ‘Children in Need’.

We made some marshmallow top hats for Pudsey.

Recipe – Marshmallow Top Hats






  • melt chocolate (make sure an adult helps you with this)
  • dip bottom of marshmallow in chocolate and place in bun case (small cake cases fit better)
  • with a spoon, drizzle a little melted chocolate on top of marshmallow
  • place coloured smarties on top

Enjoy with a delicious mug of hot chocolate……..with mini marshmallows on top of course…….and whipped cream……….and a flake!!

Mmmmmm yum yum!!