Stem club

The children in the year 3/4 STEM club were very excited for the first session! They had a great time working in teams to create bridges using only newspaper and masking tape. They loved testing the strength of their bridge with a model car. Some were more successful than others but everyone contributed brilliantly and most importantly they all thoroughly enjoyed the task.

Everyday Objects and Materials

in science this term we are studying materials. Today we walked around the school grounds to identify everyday objects and what materials they are made from.
Our investigation showed that in the school grounds we have many different materials everywhere such as metal fences, wooden benches, rubber tyres and glass windows.
We discussed why each object was made from the material it was made from.

HET Bridge Building Challenge

Pupils in Year 5 had fun with our friends at Ganton Primary School this afternoon during our bridge building STEM challenge. We were challenged to build the sturdiest structure to support the HET bear. #makingnewfriends








Autumn is here!

This week, year one have been learning about the change of seasons and changes in the weather. I think we can all agree that it has definitely got a little chillier these past few weeks!

After a discussion of what happens to the trees and the weather in Autumn, we decided to get our coats on and head outside to look for signs that Autumn is definitely here!

We found lots of beautifully coloured leaves in shades of red, pink, brown, yellow and red. We even found some conkers!

What a lovely afternoon it has been.

Hull Fair comes to KS1

In KS1 this week we have had so much fun carrying out Hull Fair activities.

In Y2, we have been very creative using our senses to describe what we can see, hear, taste, smell and feel at the fair and have written some wonderful poems using lots of adjectives and prepositions.

We have all made chocolate apples and have written some very clear instructions for how to make them.


We used our nose, mouth, hands, ears and eyes to work out what was in the senses boxes.


We had lots of fun trying to work out what we could see, smell, hear, touch and taste.










We wrote down our responses and compared notes with each other.

We worked incredibly hard all afternoon and had great fun!!

Autumn Term WOW morning

Welcome back children! This week we kicked off the new year with a WOW morning to get us started on our new topic “What makes us tick?”

Children took part in different activities which all related to our heart and the circulatory system. They used materials to simulate how the kidneys filter blood, attempted to protect a teacake ‘heart’ by building a ribcage from different material, made their own blood and examined the different parts and took part in the dissection of a pigs heart!

Well done children – this is going to be an exciting topic!

As well as pumping blood to the rest of our bodies, the heart also needs bloody itself. Reuben is injecting water into the coronary artery to demonstrate how this happens. 

Getting stuck in! Reuben has his fingers in the superior vena cava and  pulmonary artery, making his fingers meet in the right ventricle!

The Zoo Lab Rainforest Experience

Deep in the Y3/4 rainforest, the pupils were treated to a visit from the very experienced and knowledgable Zoo Lab! We had a wonderful day, learning about some of the animals that can be found in the different layers of the rainforest.

We met tallulah the five year old  tarantula that can fire out her hairs as a weapon and method of self defence ( needless to say we didn’t handle her) …

Millie the millipede who helps create healthy soil by eating the rotting leaves and fruits from the forest floor….

The geko that can shed it’s tail if captured by a predator….

Prince the Python that flexes his jaws and swallows his prey whole (gulp!)…