Child mental health week

As part of Child Mental Health Week, the children in year 3 have been discussing bravery and what it means to be brave. They loved reading and discussing the story of The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. They talked about Plop’s journey of personal discovery from a shy, timed and frightened owl to a brave and courageous one. They then began to design their own

characters which will all overcome a Image result for the owl who was afraid of the darkchallenge by being brave. By the end of the session, the children were able to say that bravery comes in different shapes and sizes. Being brave means different things to different people. For some it may be asking for help in class, for others’ perhaps learning to swim. Everyone is different and we ALL NEED TO BE BRAVE SOMETIMES!




Find Your Brave

As part of Child Mental Health Week, Year 5 have been exploring the concept of bravery. To start or discussion, we talked about what bravery is and what things come to mind when we think of bravery.

       We then discussed how being brave makes us feel and challenges and obstacles we may face when we try to be brave.   

Finally, we listened to the song This Is Me from The Greatest Showman. We discussed the meaning of the song and talked about how being our true selves is sometimes the bravest thing we can do.

Find Your Brave

In PSHCE today, Y4J have been exploring the concept of bravery for Child Mental Health Week. We shared our opinions of what bravery is considered to be, as well as some of our own stories and experiences of being brave in certain situations. We also explored the bravery of the character ‘Plop’ from Miss Stewart’s favourite book ‘The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark’ and how he himself built up the courage and determination to develop his own bravery.

Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training

Earlier this week, Miss Staines took 10 Year 3/4/5 children to Hull Collegiate School to be trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Throughout the day, the children learned about the different types of bullying, ways in which to combat bullying and methods for raising the self-esteem and confidence of their peers. The children were outstanding representatives for the school and have already come up with numerous, fantastic ideas and initiatives to help educate other students about the effects of bullying and to make Christopher Pickering a happier and safer place.

Back row (LR): Harry S, Thomas D, Imogen T, Gracie OE & Laura S.

Front row (LR): Alesha L, Oliver E, Kaden S, Eva W & Jay R.

Policing in the Park!

Three lucky children in year 2 won a competition where they had to design their own anti-social behavior poster to be displayed in Pickering Park. Ella, Harley and Summer all designed fantastic posters which have now been made into real metal signs and displayed in our local park! Well done boys and girls!

Summer, Ella and Harley with Summer’s sign

On Friday, the children were taken to Pickering Park to view their signs with PC Robertson and a press crew. They were interviewed and photographed for the police website and twitter! ( @humberbeat )

Harley with his sign.

Ella with her sign.


Ella being interviewed.


On top of all of that they also recieved a £10 Smyths toys voucher! Well done, the signs look fantastic!


Y6 Complete I.M.P.S. training!

This week Y6 have completed their IMPS training programme, learning how to stay safe, prevent injuries through considering the risk and learning life-saving first aid.

Across two days, both classes took part in two sessions. They covered a range of topics from minimising and assessing risks, what to do in an emergency, how small cuts and fractures are treated, how to perform CPR and put an causality in the recovery position.

Our children were fantastic – asking lots of questions, listening brilliantly and approaching the programme with maturity. Well done!

One group with Helen and Matthew form Hull IMPS.

Learning what to do when someone isn’t breathing.