FS2 on the hunt for Cinderella’s jewels

This week we have been searching for Cinderella’s jewels.

Poor Cinderella, when she was getting ready for her wedding to the handsome Prince Charming, the crown slipped from her head and all of the beautiful jewels fell off!

We we searched high and low… digging and scooping, we found some hidden in the mud… they were still sparkly even though they were a little dirty.

Looking here, there and everywhere … look how many we found!

There were even some hidden away in the water… we carefully cleaned and collected them before they went whirling down the drain!

Cinderella will be so happy that we have found all her jewels 💛👑💛

Y5 Jigsaw

Over the past two lessons, Year 5 have been learning about bullying in our Jigsaw lessons. We have discussed the differences between direct and indirect bullying and examples of both types. In pairs, we have made snakes and ladders games. At the foot of the ladders, we have written ideas for how bullying could be resolved and how we could help people who are being bullied and at the heads of the snakes we have written ways in which bullying could be made worse and different examples of direct and indirect bullying. Once our games were finished, we played them in our groups.

Mindfulness Sessions

Over the past three weeks, Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their mindfulness sessions in PE. They have learned techniques for calming themselves down when they’re feeling frustrated or angry and exercises that they can do in the morning to prepare themselves for the day.

Name That Tune!

We displayed good listening skills identifying familiar tunes played by Mrs Foston on her guitar.

The tunes were chosen from a selection of song stones.

We loved our music time and the song stones Mrs Morgan made for us.

Anti-Bullying Week

Years 5 and 6 kicked off Anti-Bullying Week by taking part in Odd Socks Day. We wore odd socks to celebrate the fact that we are all different and unique in our own special way.

Throughout the week, Years 5 and 6 took part in PSHE lessons centred around anti-bullying.

Year 5 discussed different types of bullying, the different roles people can play in bullying and what we can do to help combat bullying.

Year 6 talked about how being different could affect someone’s life and discussed their own attitudes towards people who are different.

FS2 PE – A fabulous, physical Wednesday

This week during PE, we have been working on our physical development.

We have been focussing on our overall body strength, balance, co-ordination and agility and developing and refining our ball skills, by catching throwing and aiming.

On our obstacle course, we were able to practise moving more fluently, with developing control, balance and spacial awareness.

We used the hurdles, to practise our jumping and landing skills.


We all all had a amazing time…regular exercise helps to keep us healthy and happy!






Anti Bullying Week – United Against Bullying

For Anti-Bullying Week in Y3/4, we have be having ‘in-depth’ discussions, where we have been able to share our opinions and views on how we can all work together to demonstrate a united approach to tackle bullying.

FS2 – Library

 Friday is library day in FS2.

We choose our own ‘reading for pleasure’ book to take home and share with our family.

We look at the front cover and the blurb on the back to help us decide…

…there are books about trains, traditional tales that our parents remember…

… books about cats and pirate adventures…

…stories about birthdays, spacemen, school trips and animal tales!

We love books!

FS2 Children in Need 💛

What a fabulous day!

It was fun to come to school dressed in our Pudsey bear, sporty and spotty clothes… we all looked amazing.

We found out about where all the money raised goes and how it helps children with food, toys and a safe place to live.

We exercised with Joe Wicks, put on the correct number of counters and made patterns on Pudsey’s scarf during Maths, painted, glued and stuck on Pudsey faces and we even decorated our own Children in Need buns to take home…

…it was a wonderful day 💛☺️💛

Children In Need

All our little ‘Hubbles’ looked amazing in their Pudsey Bear outfits today , fundraising for ‘Children in Need’.

We made some marshmallow top hats for Pudsey.

Recipe – Marshmallow Top Hats






  • melt chocolate (make sure an adult helps you with this)
  • dip bottom of marshmallow in chocolate and place in bun case (small cake cases fit better)
  • with a spoon, drizzle a little melted chocolate on top of marshmallow
  • place coloured smarties on top

Enjoy with a delicious mug of hot chocolate……..with mini marshmallows on top of course…….and whipped cream……….and a flake!!

Mmmmmm yum yum!!