OAA – Problem Solving!

This week Y4 started their new OAA unit: Problem Solving! The aim is to develop their communication, teamwork and problem solving skills through a range of practical tasks. So far they have LOVED this and had a fantastic time!

Y4HEB Working together on the playing card challenge. 

Y4 Basket Ball

Year Four have really enjoyed building up their dribbling and passing skills to enable them to play mini basketball games. The progress made within just a few lessons has been really impressive. We have enjoyed being outside and being back to what we love, the weather has been kind each Monday and we are looking really smart in our PE kits and new PE hoodies!

FS Dance

The children had a brilliant dance lesson. They have been using the new dance equipment to help them move more enthusiastically. We imagined we were different types of weather and the children came up with their own movements to express how they thought it moved. Can you tell which type of weather we are thinking about in the photos? We moved like the rain, wind, snow, storms, and even a tornado.  When moving like snow the children moved slowly and calmly. When moving like a storm the children planted their feet firmly so they didn’t blow away and waved their arms rapidly.

A great dance lesson boys and girls. Well done

Fab Friday!

KS1 had a very active Friday morning this week!

We kick started our session with a warm up with Joe Wicks:



Then we had a dance fitness session with Mrs Graves:



And finally we had a meditation session to bring our heart rates back down:


Thank you Mrs Graves!




For sports relief this year we covered 3 elements to help us get our ‘game on.’ We learnt about the heart and the affects of exercise on the heart. We put our hearts to work during our active mile. We also looked at the body and learnt about how to be healthy. Each class designed and made a healthy meal or snack. We also spoke about our soul, and how we can be calm and happy, for this we did some yoga and a guided meditation.

Please click on the link below to see pictures of the day in each year group. It was a lovely fun day for all year groups and we really did learn a lot in aid of Sports Relief and raised money.

Sports Relief 2020 – Heart, Body and Soul Day


The children in Foundation Stage had a great time developing their throwing skills in PE today. Although it was a bit windy, they had loads of fun whilst improving their throwing, aim and control.

Amazing work FS. Some Olympians amongst us I’m think.

KS1 Dance Performance

Chris from The University of Hull has been coming in to Christopher Pickering Primary School every Friday for the last 4 weeks to teach Dance and Drama to our Key Stage 1 children.

On Friday (31st January) the children performed a dance to the rest of the school. The performers and the audience both really enjoyed the performance.


Well done to our Key Stage One children! You were fantastic!

Year 5 Bikeability

Year 5 have had a fantastic week with the Bikeability instructors. We’ve had such a wonderful range of achievements and successes, from learning how to ride a bike from scratch, to riding on the road for the first time and even being able to turn right into a side street whilst altering road position and signalling. It has been amazing to see all of the children’s positive attitudes, resilience and new-found confidence in their cycling. Well done Year 5! Miss Jones and Miss Staines are so proud of you!


Children’s University Dance and Drama!

Year one were extremely lucky to have the Children’s University come in and visit them today!

First of all we played a really fun warm up game to some really funky music. We then learned a song and learned how to sign it too!

Then we played a game of caves and explorers! We found diamonds and jewels and had so much fun!

Thanks for visiting us, we’re really excited to see you again next week!

Outdoor and adventurous PE


Y4 were grateful that there was a break from the rain today so we could complete the next session of our outdoor and adventurous PE unit. We used early orienteering skills with a map of the school to find anagrams hidden around the site. We then used our team work skills to solve some of them but they were “Pretty hard!”

Another challenge risen to, well done Year 4!