In F1 we are currently taking part in the Winter and Christmas unit of work. In this unit we learn the characteristics of winter through movement. Yesterday we were developing our ability to move confidently in a variety or ways.

FS2 PE – A fabulous, physical Wednesday

This week during PE, we have been working on our physical development.

We have been focussing on our overall body strength, balance, co-ordination and agility and developing and refining our ball skills, by catching throwing and aiming.

On our obstacle course, we were able to practise moving more fluently, with developing control, balance and spacial awareness.

We used the hurdles, to practise our jumping and landing skills.


We all all had a amazing time…regular exercise helps to keep us healthy and happy!






FS2 Children in Need 💛

What a fabulous day!

It was fun to come to school dressed in our Pudsey bear, sporty and spotty clothes… we all looked amazing.

We found out about where all the money raised goes and how it helps children with food, toys and a safe place to live.

We exercised with Joe Wicks, put on the correct number of counters and made patterns on Pudsey’s scarf during Maths, painted, glued and stuck on Pudsey faces and we even decorated our own Children in Need buns to take home…

…it was a wonderful day 💛☺️💛

FS1 – PE Session

During PE this week we found out about how water changes … first we felt the water, it felt soft and squishy..

…then we felt the ice, it was very cold! It was slippery too and we even gave it a smell…it made our noses cold!

We talked about how Jack Frost makes water freeze and how the beautiful sunshine makes it melt.

Then, we all moved around in different ways and then we practised ‘freezing’.

After that, we took it in turns to be Jack Frost, when he touches you you must stop and freeze! It was good fun and we were all so good at following instructions.

Next, we took turns to be the sunshine – if you had been frozen, once the sunshine touches you, you melted and could move again.

We were very clever at stopping, starting, changing direction and freezing.

Finally, we practised jogging, jumping, skipping and hopping too, we are very good at moving around outside carefully.


Y1 Ball Skills

Today was our first lesson on ball skills in Y1 and we all loved it!

We learned lots about how to control the ball, what dribbling means and how many different ways we could send a ball!
We also looked at why we have to keep our eye on the ball and why we have to be accurate when we are throwing!


Firework dancing

The children worked really hard during PE on Wednesday to learn a fire work dance.

They followed instructions really well and moved with control and coordination. They even improvised their own movements to look like fireworks. I was very impressed.

Click on the link below to watch the video.

Well done children.



Number 3 in the Garden

We have been learning about the number 3 this week.

First we played hide and seek with the number 3 numicon. Mrs Wilkinson hid 3 pieces of number 3 numicon around the garden. We had to count to 20 and then we could go and find it.



Then we took it in turns to hide it and find it.


After we were worn out from running around the garden, we used the chalks to write number 3 and drew around the large number 3 numicon.



Can you see the towers we made? 3 towers with 3 blocks.


Finally, we went to find 3 leaves from around the garden to give to Mrs Wilkinson.

These activities helped us with our gross motor skills – running around in a controlled way and not bumping into our friends, and building towers.

As well as our fine motor skills – drawing and writing the number 3.

They also help us with our maths skills – counting when we were playing hide and seek, identifying the number 3 and using it practically.

But most of all, our social and communication skills  – taking turns, working as a team, helping each other have fun and discussing everything we were doing.

We had lots of fun, playing and learning. Great Job FS

Finding lots of different ways to balance.

This week we have had such good fun finding new ways to balance.We have used our balancing bikes and found new skills which have helped us move around safely.

We have used all our special equipment that we have in our amazing outdoor area to help us balance on our own.

We also had fun in the Sensory garden doing a sensory circuit. We all took it in turns to balance on our stomach and try and make it to the other side.We then had to stand up without falling and jump off the other end into a hoop.It was lots of fun. We also got the scooters out and enjoyed those too.

We found lots of exciting ways to balance this week and had lots of fun doing it.

OAA – Problem Solving!

This week Y4 started their new OAA unit: Problem Solving! The aim is to develop their communication, teamwork and problem solving skills through a range of practical tasks. So far they have LOVED this and had a fantastic time!

Y4HEB Working together on the playing card challenge. 

Y4 Basket Ball

Year Four have really enjoyed building up their dribbling and passing skills to enable them to play mini basketball games. The progress made within just a few lessons has been really impressive. We have enjoyed being outside and being back to what we love, the weather has been kind each Monday and we are looking really smart in our PE kits and new PE hoodies!