Enjoying Maths in the Sensory Garden

All the children joined in maths today.They enjoyed having to take it in turns to order the number cards,identify the number then try and match them and make a pair.All the children managed to do it .They got so excited when they got a match.

We also learnt about area this week and really enjoyed our activity.We had to fill in all the area on our paper making sure we listened to the instructions .

Pudsy Maths!

The children did some great Maths today when they had to give Pudsy his spots back.  They found out so much about how we can make 3.  Great work!

Part-part-whole model fun!

Year one have been looking at a variety of part/whole models. We understand that the parts add together to make the whole. Next we will use our models to write number sentences using and =. Superstars!


Number 3 in the Garden

We have been learning about the number 3 this week.

First we played hide and seek with the number 3 numicon. Mrs Wilkinson hid 3 pieces of number 3 numicon around the garden. We had to count to 20 and then we could go and find it.



Then we took it in turns to hide it and find it.


After we were worn out from running around the garden, we used the chalks to write number 3 and drew around the large number 3 numicon.



Can you see the towers we made? 3 towers with 3 blocks.


Finally, we went to find 3 leaves from around the garden to give to Mrs Wilkinson.

These activities helped us with our gross motor skills – running around in a controlled way and not bumping into our friends, and building towers.

As well as our fine motor skills – drawing and writing the number 3.

They also help us with our maths skills – counting when we were playing hide and seek, identifying the number 3 and using it practically.

But most of all, our social and communication skills  – taking turns, working as a team, helping each other have fun and discussing everything we were doing.

We had lots of fun, playing and learning. Great Job FS

Greater than/less than superstars!

Year one have been working really hard in maths comparing different amounts. We have started to use mathematical language that represents biggest/smallest such as greater than/less than and more/less. We then looked at the signs <,> and = and used them in our work. Super maths!

Little Pumpkins!!!!!

The children loved designing their pumpkin and scooping out all the seeds.

Mr Norton carved out their design and delivered safety talk on using equipment.

Some of our children loved the sensory feeling of scooping out with their hands whilst others chose to scoop out with spoon.

We investigated our pumpkin seeds and compared sizes with other seeds.


Marvellous Mathematicians

Year Four have just completed their first unit in Maths, where we explored and deepened our understanding of place value and number. We loved learning about Roman Numerals and the numbers that lurk below zero- negative numbers!

Logan loves Maths and challenged himself to calculate his 8 times tables beyond 12, he could talk with confidence about the pattern. Great work Logan!

Olly quickly got to grips with the concept of negative numbers and began to explore subtraction and comparative statements. Super Maths Olly!

Sena made great use of the tools available in class, a place value chart, to extend her understanding of numbers. Fabulous Maths Sena!

Times Table Superstars

Well done Y4JEF for completing your Christmas Times Tables Booklets – 40 questions a day, 5 days a week , 3 weeks….. 600 times table questions altogether!

Super Subtraction!

Year one have been very busy in Maths this week learning how to use the subtraction symbol.

We started off with some practical work taking away objects from one and other.

Then, we practiced subtraction sentences using the crossing out method.

Now, we are practicing using a number line to subtract, which will help us when the numbers get bigger and trickier!

Just look at some of our brilliant work in our books! Miss Farrah is very proud!