Times Table Superstars

Well done Y4JEF for completing your Christmas Times Tables Booklets – 40 questions a day, 5 days a week , 3 weeks….. 600 times table questions altogether!

Super Subtraction!

Year one have been very busy in Maths this week learning how to use the subtraction symbol.

We started off with some practical work taking away objects from one and other.

Then, we practiced subtraction sentences using the crossing out method.

Now, we are practicing using a number line to subtract, which will help us when the numbers get bigger and trickier!

Just look at some of our brilliant work in our books! Miss Farrah is very proud!

3D shapes


We have been looking at 3D shapes in maths this week. We have been investigating how they are different to 2D shapes.

Click in the link below to see how we got on.

3D Shapes games

Ordering, measuring, 1 more…

FS2 have enjoyed exploring our Maths Area this week.

Blake helped to sort the multi link cubes ready to make Christmas trees and snowflakes, then he had a go at making one…he counted the cubes carefully and even measured it to check it was right.

Jaidon found the number 10 and knew which number was 1 more all the way up to 29!

Evie and Fraya-Rae took turns at measuring each other to find out who was the tallest and DJ ordered the Numicon tiles to 10…

…super work from everyone!  

How tall are we?

We measured how tall we are at the beginning of the year. These ribbons represent our height. We get to take them home at the end of the year to see how much we’ve grown.  Take a look by clicking the link below.


This half-term we have been investigating Shape, Space and Measure.

We have learnt lots of new mathematical words, such as height, weight, capacity, heavy, light, balance, long, short, full and empty.

We have also carried out lots of experiments to test our knowledge, thinking carefully about why things happen and we have made some good estimations…exploring SSM was fun!