History in Year Four

To help us gain a better understanding of the Ancient Egyptians, we have been looking at where on the timeline, this civilisation existed. We learned of other ancient civilisations that existed simultaneously to the Egyptians and today we were exploring the commonalities of them. We examined primary and secondary sources of evidence to discuss,  discover and deduce facts about the Ancient civilisations of Sumer, Indus Valley, Shang and Egypt.
This afternoon are classrooms were full of lively discussion as we listened proudly to our young historians making connections and drawing their own conclusions as to what made a civilisation.






History and Geography

As part of the WWII topic in year 3, the children have been learning about The Blitz. They investigated cities in the UK that were bombed and were able to suggest reasons for this. For example, because of the city’s location or industry. They discussed what life would have been like during The Blitz and understood it’s importance in terms of the course of the war.

Remembrance Day

We designed and made some ‘Poppy Wreaths’ as a mark of respect for Remembrance Day.


Year 6 Trading Post

Year 6 had a super time this afternoon during their Mayan trading post. The children were able to trade like Mayans using beans instead of money. They explored the Mayan number system and found information on the temple Chechen Itza. Some children were able to plot the cities and their locations on a coordinates sheet whilst others were able to find out about the Mayan Gods. Lots of children enjoyed earning their ‘money’ through the amazing designs of ceramics which were filled with Mayan glyphs.

F1 Bonfire Night Wow Day

In F1 we talked about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We also tried some traditional bonfire night food. We made our own sparklers, where we dipped our chocolate fingers in warm water to melt the chocolate and then covered them in sprinkles. We talked about how the chocolate melted. We did some fabulous blow paint firework pictures, which are now on display in our classroom. We also made some tasty treats in our mud kitchen food stall. Click on the link below to see our photos.

Bonfire ‘Wow’ Day Ebook

Staying Safe on Bonfire Night!

We had a very busy day learning all about Guy Fawkes and the reason we celebrate ‘Bonfire Night’.

  •  we displayed excellent teamwork skills collecting sticks and leaves to make our   bonfire
  •  used a range of painting techniques to create bonfire and firework art
  •  wrote some important safety instructions for staying safe on ‘Bonfire Night’
  •  enjoyed making and eating edible sparklers and hot dogs whilst listening to our   themed story ‘Sparks in the Sky’
  •  finished off our day all snuggled up watching a spectacular firework display