Stone Age Necklaces

As part of our Wow Day to launch the topic, ‘Who first lived in Britain?’, Year 3 designed and made Stone Age replica necklaces. First of all we looked at some photographs of Stone Age necklaces and discussed the materials that these were made from. Using these ideas as a prompt, we designed our own.

We then made our necklaces using clay. We had to make sure there were no cracks in any our pieces.

A few days later, we painted our necklaces and threaded them onto string.

Wow! We can’t believe how beautiful they look!

Year 2 have had a very Royal Time!

In Year 2, our new topic is Queens, Kings and Knights and we are finding out ‘What makes someone Royal?’

We have had a fabulous start to the year as we have been making some royal artefacts!

First, we learned about Coats of Arms, why people used them, why they colourful and why they used symbols. We looked at different designs and created our own!

Then, we learned all about crowns – this history of crowns, what they are made from and why the monarchy wear them.



Our Trip to the Streetlife Museum

Year 3 and 4 have been on trips to the Streetlife Museum this week! The purpose of our visit was to take part in a workshop called ‘A Child’s War: Evacuation’. During the day, we got evacuated to the countryside, explored a 1940’s street scene and found a bike that had been used by soldiers in WWII. We had a great day!


A fabulous WW2 visit to Hull Museums

We explored artefacts in the Streetlife museum, looking for items from during the war in our self guided session. We sketched some of the items that really caught our eye!

We then met Mary, she was our evacuation officer. She met us at the station, dressed us, talked about what we should expect and helped us pack a suitcase. We handled historical artefacts and discussed what the children did with them or needed them for. It was a bit of a shock to us what little they had packed! Once aboard the bus we had a tongue and hand check- luckily we were all in good health. 😝 We sang ten green bottles to entertain ourselves on the long journey to the countryside and some of us even fell asleep!

A fabulous class photo in front of the giant map down Whitefriargate. This is where the People’s Memorial Museum is- all about WW1 and WW2 and well worth a visit. The volunteers there were so knowledgable and helpful, they made us very welcome.

Being Historians

In Y3/4 we are being historians, applying our maths skills to order the many events of WW2 in our humongous timeline. we then focused in on key events which led to major developments within the war.

Fantastic team work, research and questions raised by our super Historians.


Y3/4 Wow Day

In the Autumn term, Y3/4 are instigating ‘What was life like in WWII?” To launch out topic the children spent the day in the life of an evacuee.  The children came dressed up for the day and we had some fantastic costumes!

The children were  evacuated to different classrooms were they decided what to pack in their suitcase, wrote letters home, created some evacuee artwork and made a meat paste sandwich.

The children learned what it was like to be an evacuee and are excited to find out why children like them were evacuated.

Triple Trawler Tragedy Memorial Visits

This week Y5/6 have been making visits into the City centre to visit significant sites linked with out topic: Hull’s fishing heritage. The aim of the trip was to pay tribute to the lives lost during the Triple Trawler Tragedy, and important event in the history of Hull and the school’s local community.

We started with the Big Lil mural on Midland Street – we’ll be learning about Big Lil’s impact soon!

Next, we visited the trawler memorial in Zebedee’s yard. The children laid a wreath in memory of the lives lost aboard the St Romans, Kingston Peridot and Ross Cleveland and observed a minutes silence.

Next we went to have a look at Hull’s last fishing trawler, the Arctic Corsair. It was amazing to see a real trawler up close! 

Our next stop was Humber Street Gallery to see the real Dead Bod! We’ve been learning about this local legend and children have written short stories about it!

Our final stop was the ‘Knife Angel’, a towering sculpture made up of over 100,000 knives as part of the #NoMoreKnives campaign.

Who was Big Lil? Fishing WOW day!

Today our spring term kicked off with a WOW dress-up day. To kick start our topic, based around the question Who was ‘Big Lil’?, children came dressed up as trawlermen and fish wives.

Throughout the day they undertook a range of different craft activities: instead of gutting fish, Y5 were cutting fish, Mr Sutton’s class used their sewing skills to make hessian cod and Mr. Morgan’s class learnt about the story of ‘Dead Bod’ and created their own versions of this icon landmark.

This is a fantastic topic and our children and staff can’t wait to get started!

Our Deckies, Skippers, Spare Hands, Second Mates, Cooks & Bosuns.

Fishwives and Headscalf Revolutionaries

Y6 using cardboard, oil pastel and paint for their Dead Bods.

‘A Dead Bod’ – well done children!