Chinese New Year!

The children in the Hub have been demonstrating excellent use of fine motor skills this week for our Chinese New Year celebrations.

We enjoyed our food tasting session with noodles, spring rolls and rice crackers on the menu. We used chopsticks to eat our noodles with and Raphael was crowned King of the Chopsticks.

The children displayed safe use of scissors and excellent cutting skills making their lanterns.

Good speaking and listening skills were also displayed during our story of the day ‘Cleversticks’, beautifully read by Stephanie.


Our Trip to Tropical World

Year 3/4 had a great time on theirĀ  trips to Tropical World. They got to see some rainforest animals in real life and got to experience the climate of the rainforest. It was very hot and humid!

Welcome Back KS1!

Welcome back to the summer term in Year 1/2!

Our pod has been transformed into an beautiful ocean ready for us to learn about our new topic ‘What would you find in the Ocean?’.

Why do we need Rainforests?

Welcome back to the Summer Term in Year 3/4. We are ready to start a new topic with the question ‘Why do we need Rainforests?’ Our pod has been transformed into a Rainforest with a trickling waterfall running through the pod.


What a super morning we have had in Foundation Stage.

Grandparents and family members have visited us today to help out with gardening. They brought their green-fingers and helped us weed and plant new seeds and flowers. There was also some harvesting of last years potatoes that had been left behind. They did an amazing job and we’re very grateful for their help. Even Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Reed picked up some good gardening tips. We talked about what the plants and seeds need to grow and made sure we didn’t dig up and of the lovely plants that were already in the ground.

We look forward to harvesting some of the things we planted. Maybe we’ll make a stew with the carrots, onions, potatoes, and herbs we planted today.

The children had a fantastic time and the rest of the class will be doing some more planting in the weeks to come.