Stay and Read

Parents, carers and grandparents  in Y3/4 were invited to come into school to stay and read this week. They also got the chance to see our lovely new classrooms and meet our new teacher. We read a story to our adult and then our adult read a story to us! We also looked at the Y3/4 common exception words that we need to learn by the end of the year.


Thank you for joining us!

Blitz Poetry

Poetry is Year 3/4’s first English unit this term and they have been looking at different Blitz Poetry. They generated vocabulary about the Blitz, edited and improved their word choices and combined sentence strips to create a group poem.


Finally, they wrote and performed their own Blitz poem.



Y3/4 Wow Day

In the Autumn term, Y3/4 are instigating ‘What was life like in WWII?” To launch out topic the children spent the day in the life of an evacuee.  The children came dressed up for the day and we had some fantastic costumes!

The children were  evacuated to different classrooms were they decided what to pack in their suitcase, wrote letters home, created some evacuee artwork and made a meat paste sandwich.

The children learned what it was like to be an evacuee and are excited to find out why children like them were evacuated.


Key Stage One have had an exciting day to introduce our new topic ‘What Can You Show the World?’ Our circus pod looked fabulous filled with clowns, acrobats, weightlifters, show masters and audience members!


Year one enjoyed making circus foods for our stall like popcorn, candyfloss, sweets and lollipops!

Year two enjoyed making lion art as we have learned already that lions used to be found in travelling circuses around the world.

We can’t wait to learn all about the history of the circus!



Year 2 loved The Deep!

Year 2 had a fabulous day exploring The Deep today! We learned lots of new facts and enjoyed watching the sharks feeding. Just look at some of our super photos.


Policing in the Park!

Three lucky children in year 2 won a competition where they had to design their own anti-social behavior poster to be displayed in Pickering Park. Ella, Harley and Summer all designed fantastic posters which have now been made into real metal signs and displayed in our local park! Well done boys and girls!

Summer, Ella and Harley with Summer’s sign

On Friday, the children were taken to Pickering Park to view their signs with PC Robertson and a press crew. They were interviewed and photographed for the police website and twitter! ( @humberbeat )

Harley with his sign.

Ella with her sign.


Ella being interviewed.


On top of all of that they also recieved a £10 Smyths toys voucher! Well done, the signs look fantastic!


Our Trip to Tropical World

Year 3/4 had a great time on their  trips to Tropical World. They got to see some rainforest animals in real life and got to experience the climate of the rainforest. It was very hot and humid!