World Book Day

We all had a fabulous time celebrating World Book Day last Thursday. World Book Day’s mission this year was to ‘Share a Million Stories’. Therefore we came to school dressed as our favourite book characters to share stories that we love. Have a look at our fantastic costumes below. Can you spot any familiar characters?

ImageImage Image


In the afternoon, we split into house teams to have a ‘Share a Story’ session. The teachers shared a story with their house first.


Then, the children shared stories with someone from a different year group! We had a fabulous time sharing our stories!


Victory Leisure Trip

Wow! What a fantastic day we had visiting Vistory Leisure Caravan factories!

Some of our year 5 and 6 pupils took part in a fantastic real-life learning experience and had the opportunity to witness first-hand how some of the most luxurious caravans in the UK are made! Not only that, but various members of staff were more than happy to share their expertise and chat with the children about their route into this line of work and tips on the children could follow in their footsteps.


It was amazing to step foot inside the huge factory and see how much team work is involved in assembling the caravans

We were particularly amazed by the workmen’s vending machine…No chocolates and drinks in here – just tools and equipment to be dispensed!


It was great to chat to the lead graphic designer whilst he showed the children his high-tech software!

Mary was also keen to chat to the children about her job as an interior designer and how she furnishes and decorates the inside of the caravans.


And finally, the children completed a caravan designing task and shared their plans. The winning group were pleased with their prizes of giant chocolate bars!

Year 6 are continuing to enjoy their journey exploring crime and punishment through the ages and this week it was the turn of the Tudors!

We studied lots of punishment devices and came up with some very interesting predictions about what they would have been used for.

Kristian and Courtney studying the sources of evidence carefully to inform their predictions

The boys were pleased that many of their predictions turned out to be correct

However, none of the year 6s predicted that this item, ‘The Brank’, would be attached to women’s heads as a punishment for gossiping! The sharp metal insert would cause pain inside their mouths if they attempted to speak. Safe to say, our year 6 girls were happy not to have been born in the tudor time period!

Find Your Brave

In PSHCE today, Y4J have been exploring the concept of bravery for Child Mental Health Week. We shared our opinions of what bravery is considered to be, as well as some of our own stories and experiences of being brave in certain situations. We also explored the bravery of the character ‘Plop’ from Miss Stewart’s favourite book ‘The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark’ and how he himself built up the courage and determination to develop his own bravery.

Chinese New Year!

The children in the Hub have been demonstrating excellent use of fine motor skills this week for our Chinese New Year celebrations.

We enjoyed our food tasting session with noodles, spring rolls and rice crackers on the menu. We used chopsticks to eat our noodles with and Raphael was crowned King of the Chopsticks.

The children displayed safe use of scissors and excellent cutting skills making their lanterns.

Good speaking and listening skills were also displayed during our story of the day ‘Cleversticks’, beautifully read by Stephanie.


Read, Write Inc

Thank you to our Foundation Stage 2 parents for attending our Read, Write Inc meeting this week. If you missed the meeting or would like to find out more information about how to help your child learn to read, see the attached leaflet below:



Read, Write Inc Parents Afternoon

Thank you so much to all the parents that were able to make our ‘Read, Write Inc’ afternoon today.

The children absolutely loved it and were keen to show what they do during phonics lessons, and how they share books with you.

For more information on how to help your children with Read, Write Inc please download the attached link:


Stone Age Necklaces

As part of our Wow Day to launch the topic, ‘Who first lived in Britain?’, Year 3 designed and made Stone Age replica necklaces. First of all we looked at some photographs of Stone Age necklaces and discussed the materials that these were made from. Using these ideas as a prompt, we designed our own.

We then made our necklaces using clay. We had to make sure there were no cracks in any our pieces.

A few days later, we painted our necklaces and threaded them onto string.

Wow! We can’t believe how beautiful they look!

Children’s University Dance and Drama!

Year one were extremely lucky to have the Children’s University come in and visit them today!

First of all we played a really fun warm up game to some really funky music. We then learned a song and learned how to sign it too!

Then we played a game of caves and explorers! We found diamonds and jewels and had so much fun!

Thanks for visiting us, we’re really excited to see you again next week!