F1’s week

Week commencing 14th January

This week we have read the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’, we enjoyed joining in with the story and have been acting it out in the three pigs house. We have also been counting pigs and drawing them.

A busy second week back in Y5/6!

Wow what a busy week we have had! Our children have been working hard, enjoying themselves and showing an excellent attitude to learning – well done!

Some of our children attended a Tigers Trust sporting event and were lucky enough to meet some Hull City players and have their photo taken with the Premier League Trophy! 

Our Y56 football team have qualified for the EFL Cup final after five wins and a draw at their qualifying event. Well done boys! 

There has been a lot of dancing this week – first with our new dance instructor at breakfast club and then with a Flex Dance taster day. 

In English, Y5 have been hot seating as Harry Potter! 

Sewing club has started again: this term children are making bookmarks. 

Building Numbers to 20

This week we have been making numbers to 20 by thinking about how many tens and ones the numbers have.

We are able to break a whole number into parts and say how much is in each part.

Gracie’s number is 18 – She has represented 18 using 1 ten and 8 ones. (Above)

Gracie then split her whole number in two parts (Below), she said,

“6 is a part, 12 is a part, 18 is the whole” 

The class worked together to write this as a number sentence, 6 + 12 = 18.

How many different ways can you break up the number 18? Can you think of a number sentence for each?

Wow Day!!

Last Wednesday Key Stage 1 held their termly Wow Day, and it was a cold one!

This term we are learning about Polar Explorers, so to kick start the topic we dressed up in our thickest winter clothes, opened all the windows and doors to get ourselves fully immersed and learned about all things Antarctic!

Every Class did something different, some did Antarctic artwork, sketching and making penguin collages. Others were creating Antarctic sounds and making their own rain shakers to simulate the pitter-patter of the cold southern rain and hail on the hard icy ground.

In Y1SEY we were thinking about what a Polar Explorer would have to pack when travelling to the South Pole for an expedition. The children knew they would have to dress warm, which is more than what could be said for Mr Seymour, who packed his swim-shorts and crocs (Brrrrrrr).

The children soon put Mr Seymour right and packed their own suit cases for an Antarctic Expedition. They thought about how many layers they would need and; how they would keep their hands and feet warm and learned new important words, like ‘thermal’ and ‘insulated’.

By the end of the day the children were looking confident and ready to set off on their own Antarctic expedition, like Captain Scott before them.

All Around the World!

In Year 2 this week, we are learning all about the continents and oceans of the world.

We had to use our problem solving skills and work as a team to put a jigsaw of a world map together.

We then labelled a map of the world using the correct names for the continents and the seas what we have learnt.

Just look at some of our fabulous work!







KS1 WOW Day!

Year 1 and 2 have had a fabulous week learning all about our new topic “What is a Polar Explorer?” 

During our WOW day, we took part in 4 different activities all about Antarctica.

In Miss Farrah’s classroom, we learnt how to sketch a penguin and how to use shading in our sketches to make them more detailed. Just look at some of our penguin sketches!

Volcano Wow Day

To launch our new topic, Year 3/4 have had a Wow day today. Lab Rascals came in to do a science workshop with us making dry ice volcanoes. The children were amazed at the results and have made some fantastic memories. What a fabulous day at school!

Why isn’t there a volcano in Hull?

Our new topic is ‘Why isn’t there a volcano in Hull?’ Over the Christmas holidays we have immersed our pod into a volcanic mountain. The children have loved exploring their new learning environment and we can’t wait to start learning about the new topic!

Who was Big Lil? Fishing WOW day!

Today our spring term kicked off with a WOW dress-up day. To kick start our topic, based around the question Who was ‘Big Lil’?, children came dressed up as trawlermen and fish wives.

Throughout the day they undertook a range of different craft activities: instead of gutting fish, Y5 were cutting fish, Mr Sutton’s class used their sewing skills to make hessian cod and Mr. Morgan’s class learnt about the story of ‘Dead Bod’ and created their own versions of this icon landmark.

This is a fantastic topic and our children and staff can’t wait to get started!

Our Deckies, Skippers, Spare Hands, Second Mates, Cooks & Bosuns.

Fishwives and Headscalf Revolutionaries

Y6 using cardboard, oil pastel and paint for their Dead Bods.

‘A Dead Bod’ – well done children! 

F1’s week

Week commencing 17th December

We have been reading lots of Christmas stories this week and singing Christmas songs. We have made Christmas trees in the playdough.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you next year.