Christmas Light Boxes – Y4 D&T Project

Over the last few weeks, Y4 have been working hard on creating their Christmas Light boxes for this term’s Design and Technology project.


The journey started with investigating light-up Christmas items which are very popular the time of the year. The children loved taking these apart and making links between components, design and materials. They identified the key parts they would need in their boxes: a switch, wires, a bulb and batteries.


Focussed Practical Task

One tricky part of our project was creating the box which would hold all of their components and be able to display their design. We spent a lesson focussing on how to use nets to create three dimensional shapes. Children created a wide variety of shapes in varying difficulty. Some were very challenging and were tricky to assemble!

Focussed Practical Task: Making Nets


The next step was to design their boxes. Children made a plan drawing of the inside and outside of their net. They also make a wiring diagram so they new how much wire they would need and where their components would go. They also finalised a design for a switch using split pins and paper clips.

Ready to make: Summer with her final design!


The next step was very exciting –  the children were finally ready to make their light boxes! They uses scissors to cut out their nets, used pencils, felt tip and pen to decorate it, electrical pliers to cut and strip the wires and clue and tape to fasten their materials together.

The finished product

The Light Boxes turned out fantastic! The children all worked really hard on them and we are super proud of what they have achieved. As with any process, some parts were harder from others and the children have fed back some small changes we will make for the next children who will make these, but overall it was a huge success!

Phoebe’s snowman light-box ready for Christmas! 

Mr Morgan’s class were very please with their work!

Home-made switches working perfectly! 


If you’d like to make one of our boxes, follow our ‘How to’ video below!


Hexapod non-chronological reports

Year 6 have been working extremely hard over the past 2 weeks studying hexapods (creatures who inhabit the planet Pandora). They have become experts within this sci-fi genre and have really developed their technical vocabulary and terminology. As their final pieces, each child chose a hexapod to focus on and wrote up a detailed non-chronological reports about them.

We are very proud of the work they have produced and are now eager to get started on writing our fictional stories which are also going to be set on Pandora!

Colour Mixing

In Art, Y2’s art project this term is based around  Wassily Kandinsky’s art work.File:Vassily Kandinsky, 1926 - Several Circles, Gugg 0910 25.jpg -  Wikimedia Commons

First of all we learned how to draw a circle and then we explored shading with different pencils.

This week we have been learning about primary and secondary colours. We added red, blue and yellow to our sketch books because these are the primary colours. Then we mixed our primary colour to made green, orange and purple. We had great fun mixing our colours. When we looked at each other’s work, we noticed that everyone had different shades.


Year 2 have been learning about the importance of hygiene in Science. We read the story ‘Dirty Bertie’ and then we gave Bertie some tips on how to improve his hygiene.

Then we started our own experiment. We  put our handprint on a piece of bread and sealed it in a bag. Then we washed our hands and put our handprint on another piece of bead. We are going to observe our bread over time and record what happens to each piece of bread.

We can’t wait to see what happens to the bread!

Amazing art work!

Year 6 really enjoyed creating line drawings of Mayan glyphs in their sketch books. They examined a range of glyphs carefully and then replicated these with great detail. I was particularly impressed at how confident the children were in putting pen to paper without sketching them in pencil first! Excellent work year 6!


Star Writers!

A huge well done to our first ever ‘writers of the week’ in year 6! 3 children were chosen for producing fantastic fictional Mayan explorer stories. They were very pleased with their certificates, stickers and special pencils!

We can’t wait to see who is chosen this week to receive their award in Friday’s assembly!



House Captains!

A huge well done to our new Year 6 house captains for this academic year!

Due to restrictions, the children were unable to complete their paper ballot paper votes however we decided to conduct a virtual voting session instead!

All of the candidates delivered excellent speeches and some of the voting was extremely close.

The Way Back Home

Year 2 are studying the story ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers. So far, they have learned signifiers for the story and created their own story maps. Today, they acted out the story and performed to rest of the class. There were some brilliant performances!

Year 5/6 Poetry Slam

The children in year 5/6 have really enjoyed the chance to warm up their writing skills and channel their creativity through writing a range of poems for our poetry slam!

They were then faced with the tricky task of memorising and reciting their poem from memory as they performed it to their classmates.

We were extremely proud of how many children overcame their nerves and performed for their peers, well done year 5/6!

Here’s Enes with his winning performance as voted for by his classmates…


Y2 Star Poetry

Year 2 are studying ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gough in Art. They have also used the painting as a stimulus for the Star Poetry unit this week. They have worked together on their own lines for a poem and  used them to create Star Poems. Brilliant job Y2!