Amazing Writers!

Children in year 2 have been trying super hard with their creative writing this week. We have retold the story of the Rainbow Fish, wrote a diary entry and a letter too. Just look at some of our gorgeous handwriting!

Rainforest Wow Day

To launch our new topic, ‘Why do we need Rainforests?’, we had a wow day exploring the sounds of the rainforest. We came to school dressed as explorers and rainforest animals.

After exploring our in our new  immersive pod, we performed rainforest poetry.

We then created our own instruments and created a music sequence to accompany our poems.

It was a brilliant day!

What Would you Find in the Ocean?

Welcome back to the summer term in the KS1 hub!

Our hub has been transformed into an ocean with an octopus, real shells and plenty of seaweed!

The children have loved exploring and creating our ‘Live Plastic Free’ poster using recycled bottle tops. 

Welcome Back KS1!

Welcome back to the summer term in Year 1/2!

Our pod has been transformed into an beautiful ocean ready for us to learn about our new topic ‘What would you find in the Ocean?’.

Why do we need Rainforests?

Welcome back to the Summer Term in Year 3/4. We are ready to start a new topic with the question ‘Why do we need Rainforests?’ Our pod has been transformed into a Rainforest with a trickling waterfall running through the pod.

Joyeuses Pâques

This week, the children in Years 3 and 4 have been learning about Easter Traditions in France. They have also learned that  Joyeuses Pâques means Happy Easter.

This work then inspired us to send our Easter cards out in French this year!

All of Year 3 and 4 would like to wish you Joyeuses Pâques!

Spring is Here!

Year 1 have been busy looking out for signs of spring on our school site.


We spotted that the pretty yellow daffodils are starting to grow and the leaves are returning on the bare branches. We even spotted a ladybird too!

Autism Awareness at Tweendykes!

This morning some HUB children had a special treat at Tweendykes school raising awareness for Autism.


We had yummy cake and did some painting. We even made some new friends too!


Thank you so much for having us!

Roman Mosaic Parent Workshop

As part of our volcanoes topic, we have learned about Mount Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii. We are now learning about the people who lived in Pompeii  called Romans. We have been looking at what life was like in the Roman times and have looked at mosaics. Yesterday afternoon, our parents came in to school for a Roman Mosaic Workshop. We created some lovely art work!

Here we are busy working with our adults.

Some fabulous finished art work!

Look at them all together!


Chocolate Rocks!

As part of our volcanoes unit, we are learning about different types of rocks. We represented these rocks with chocolate. We used the chocolate to make igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

The best part of the afternoon was when we ate our chocolate rocks!