Planting Viola Flowers!

The KS1 Hub children have been busy today re-planting Viola flowers.

We needed lots of equipment for the planting;

  •  Trowels
  •  Flower pots
  •  Compost
  •  Gardening gloves

First we filled the flower pot until it was around 3/4 full.


Then we used our fingers to make a hole in the middle for the flower.

Next, we gently pulled the flower from it’s old pot using our hands to break up the roots a little and popped it into the hole we had made.

Finally, we added more compost around the edges and patted it down.

We can’t wait to see them in the wellies!

Visit from a Police Officer!

On Monday KS1 were lucky enough to have a special visit from PC Robertson. She told us all about the fantastic job police officers do to keep us safe.

We talked about what anti-social behaviour is in our local area and what we can do if we don’t feel safe.

PC Robertson then asked for our help in designing a poster for our local park to encourage people to do the right thing. The winner of the competition will have their poster displayed in Pickering Park and receive a £10 Smyths toys voucher!


Thanks so much for visiting us PC Robertson!

How to Make a Worm Habitat!

Tim has been very busy with Miss Whitton building his very own worm habitat!
First he needed to add a layer of soil and then a layer sand. He kept adding the soil and the sand until the habitat was 3/4 full.
Next he had to find some worms for their new home!
Then Tim added some worm food – this can be many different things like banana skins, apple cores or simply just leaves.
After that, Tim needed to water the soil. He must do this daily to make sure it stays moist.
After a few days the worms will have mixed up the layers, and you should be able to see where they have been burrowing.
We can’t wait to see!

World Book Day

We had a fabulous week this week celebrating World Book Day. We came to school dressed as our favourite book character!

There were some amazing costumes!

The theme for World Book Day this year was ‘Share a Story’ so our day including several different storytelling sessions. During assembly with Miss Stathers, the whole school did a choral rehearsal of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ using sounds instead of words!

In the afternoon,  we split into our houses to share a story. The teachers in each house read their favourite stories and then the children found a buddy to share a story with.

The older children were fantastic with the younger children.

We had a brilliant day and can’t wait for next year!

Year 2 Maths

Yesterday, we learned how to share objects equally. We worked in teams to share different objects into groups of two. We then counted how many objects were in each group.

After practising sharing objects using concrete manipulatives, we were then able to share pictorially.


This half-term we have been investigating Shape, Space and Measure.

We have learnt lots of new mathematical words, such as height, weight, capacity, heavy, light, balance, long, short, full and empty.

We have also carried out lots of experiments to test our knowledge, thinking carefully about why things happen and we have made some good estimations…exploring SSM was fun!

Gold Book Superstars!

We are so proud of Jamelia and Chloe for being in the Gold Book.

Jamelia for fabulous progress made in Phonics and Chloe for having a super attitude to all areas of learning.

Keep up the good work girls.

Money, Money, Money

For the last two weeks, Year 3 have been looking at money in maths. First they learned to partition money into pounds and pence.

They have also learned to convert between pounds and pence, add different amount of money and subtract money to find change!