Troll faces

 Look at our scary troll faces!

We have been thinking this week about words we can use to describe the troll… mean, ugly, angry, scary, frightening, smelly, wrinkly…

Can you think of any more? 


What a super morning we have had in Foundation Stage.

Grandparents and family members have visited us today to help out with gardening. They brought their green-fingers and helped us weed and plant new seeds and flowers. There was also some harvesting of last years potatoes that had been left behind. They did an amazing job and we’re very grateful for their help. Even Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Reed picked up some good gardening tips. We talked about what the plants and seeds need to grow and made sure we didn’t dig up and of the lovely plants that were already in the ground.

We look forward to harvesting some of the things we planted. Maybe we’ll make a stew with the carrots, onions, potatoes, and herbs we planted today.

The children had a fantastic time and the rest of the class will be doing some more planting in the weeks to come.

4th March


Another busy week in Foundation Stage

The children are getting very good at retelling the 3 Billy Goats Gruff story now and next week they will be changing the story to make it their own.

On Tuesday we enjoyed a tasty treat. Most of the children chose chocolate on their pancakes, but a few chose syrup.

In PE we danced to The Greatest Showman and played invasion games in the hall.

In maths we have been thinking about 1 less and counting backwards. The children have been using number lines to help them with this and are working really hard.

Thursday was a very exciting day. All of the costumes for World Book Day were fantastic and the children enjoyed sharing stories and listening to different books. We talked about bedtime stories and how important they are.

I’m sure next week will be just exciting.

This half-term we have been investigating Shape, Space and Measure.

We have learnt lots of new mathematical words, such as height, weight, capacity, heavy, light, balance, long, short, full and empty.

We have also carried out lots of experiments to test our knowledge, thinking carefully about why things happen and we have made some good estimations…exploring SSM was fun!

Gold Book Superstars!

We are so proud of Jamelia and Chloe for being in the Gold Book.

Jamelia for fabulous progress made in Phonics and Chloe for having a super attitude to all areas of learning.

Keep up the good work girls.