Our Superheroes have been frozen! Help!

Our poor superheroes have been frozen in ice by a baddy!  We need to get them out.  Alana said we could rub the ice to make it melt.  Eden said we could huff on it.  Henry said we could bang it!  After lots of huffing and puffing the ice melted enough for Eden to save Buzz.  Well done Eden!  What a hero.

F1’s week

Week beginning 12th November

We have carried on learning about Diwali this week. We painted our Diva pots, they look amazing. We have also made Rangoli patterns.

Today we have dressed up for Children In Need. We had a disco, went on a bouncy castle and had a yummy treat!

F1’s week!

Week commencing 5th November
This week we have been learning about Diwali. We have learnt the story of Rama and Sita, made Diva pots and Mendhi hands. We enjoyed watching some fireworks and listening to the sounds they made