❄SNOW IN F1! ❄

F1 had lots of fun exploring the fake snow in our outdoor area!

Albie said the ice was going to melt!

Maria made a snow coffee!

Exploring the ice.

The children had so much fun looking at all the different areas outside. They investigated all the plants and we talked about what happens to them in winter. We looked at the mud kitchen and we could see how the water had turned into ice. They enjoyed writing down their finds and taking pictures .

FS Christmas Jumpers

When FS missed out on our Christmas Jumper Day in school, due to isolating, we thought we’d celebrate virtually!  Hope you like the photos.

Click on the link below to see our festive ensembles…

Christmas Jumpers

FS Home Learning

Whilst our bubble has been closed the children (and parents!) have been so busy with all of the activities that we have set for their daily home learning tasks.  We’ve had some very positive feedback from parents and seen photos and videos of happy, healthy faces each day, which makes it all worthwhile!

Click on the link below to see some examples…

parent observations and comments

FS2 on the hunt for Cinderella’s jewels

This week we have been searching for Cinderella’s jewels.

Poor Cinderella, when she was getting ready for her wedding to the handsome Prince Charming, the crown slipped from her head and all of the beautiful jewels fell off!

We we searched high and low… digging and scooping, we found some hidden in the mud… they were still sparkly even though they were a little dirty.

Looking here, there and everywhere … look how many we found!

There were even some hidden away in the water… we carefully cleaned and collected them before they went whirling down the drain!

Cinderella will be so happy that we have found all her jewels 💛👑💛