Year 2 English

This week the children in Year 2 have looked at the story ‘Elmer on Stilts’.

The children acted out the story and created a story map.

They also wrote a setting description and a character description.

Today the children re-wrote the story. They have learned how to use paragraphs!

Well done Year 2!

Super readers in Y56!

WOW! What an amazing couple of weeks reading we have had! Children have been working so hard on Lexia and Reading Plus there has been no shortage of certificates! Well done children, keep it up!

Hull Fair comes to KS1

In KS1 this week we have had so much fun carrying out Hull Fair activities.

In Y2, we have been very creative using our senses to describe what we can see, hear, taste, smell and feel at the fair and have written some wonderful poems using lots of adjectives and prepositions.

We have all made chocolate apples and have written some very clear instructions for how to make them.


Stay and Read

Parents, carers and grandparents  in Y3/4 were invited to come into school to stay and read this week. They also got the chance to see our lovely new classrooms and meet our new teacher. We read a story to our adult and then our adult read a story to us! We also looked at the Y3/4 common exception words that we need to learn by the end of the year.


Thank you for joining us!

Blitz Poetry

Poetry is Year 3/4’s first English unit this term and they have been looking at different Blitz Poetry. They generated vocabulary about the Blitz, edited and improved their word choices and combined sentence strips to create a group poem.


Finally, they wrote and performed their own Blitz poem.



Amazing Writers!

Children in year 2 have been trying super hard with their creative writing this week. We have retold the story of the Rainbow Fish, wrote a diary entry and a letter too. Just look at some of our gorgeous handwriting!