FS Home Learning

Whilst our bubble has been closed the children (and parents!) have been so busy with all of the activities that we have set for their daily home learning tasks.  We’ve had some very positive feedback from parents and seen photos and videos of happy, healthy faces each day, which makes it all worthwhile!

Click on the link below to see some examples…

parent observations and comments

FS2 on the hunt for Cinderella’s jewels

This week we have been searching for Cinderella’s jewels.

Poor Cinderella, when she was getting ready for her wedding to the handsome Prince Charming, the crown slipped from her head and all of the beautiful jewels fell off!

We we searched high and low… digging and scooping, we found some hidden in the mud… they were still sparkly even though they were a little dirty.

Looking here, there and everywhere … look how many we found!

There were even some hidden away in the water… we carefully cleaned and collected them before they went whirling down the drain!

Cinderella will be so happy that we have found all her jewels 💛👑💛

Name That Tune!

We displayed good listening skills identifying familiar tunes played by Mrs Foston on her guitar.

The tunes were chosen from a selection of song stones.

We loved our music time and the song stones Mrs Morgan made for us.

Hexapod non-chronological reports

Year 6 have been working extremely hard over the past 2 weeks studying hexapods (creatures who inhabit the planet Pandora). They have become experts within this sci-fi genre and have really developed their technical vocabulary and terminology. As their final pieces, each child chose a hexapod to focus on and wrote up a detailed non-chronological reports about them.

We are very proud of the work they have produced and are now eager to get started on writing our fictional stories which are also going to be set on Pandora!

Frozen Literacy!

This morning the children in Year 1 created some magnificent ‘Wanted’ posters to find the frightful Snow Queen who captured Kay and Gerda in the story ‘The Snow Queen’.

She had a magical frozen wand and a terrible pointy crown! We discussed and used our fred talk to write down some adjectives to describe her and then put these adjectives into sentences, not forgetting our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!

FS2 – Library

 Friday is library day in FS2.

We choose our own ‘reading for pleasure’ book to take home and share with our family.

We look at the front cover and the blurb on the back to help us decide…

…there are books about trains, traditional tales that our parents remember…

… books about cats and pirate adventures…

…stories about birthdays, spacemen, school trips and animal tales!

We love books!

Y6 Pandorian creatures

Year 6 have been busy this week planning their non chronological reports on a ‘Pandorian’ creature that they have created. They have been inspired through a short sci-fi video showing the alien planet Pandora. From this they’ve created their own beast that would reside there. There has been a lot of intriguing imagination poured into these beasts and we can’t wait to see the final outcomes!

Acting out The Darkest Dark

Year 2 have been learning  our new story ‘The Darkest Dark’ by Chris Hadfield. They have learned the signifers for the story, created a story map and acted out the story!

Who has been in Year 1?

Today in Year 1 we are being detectives and trying to think who has visited us. Who could it be?

We used the clues that had been left to write some interesting sentences using the word because.

Some of us thought it could be a White Witch because on the table was a gold, sparkly crown and some white snow.

Hopefully we can find out tomorrow who it really was ……..