F2 Diva pots

The clay of our Diva pots has dried really nicely so today we have decorated them with paint mixed with glue and sprinkled them with sparkles.  They look quite beautiful!


Ice Sculptures!

Year 1 had so much fun in art this afternoon looking at Icebergs and continuing our research into the Antarctica! We had previously looked at hot and cold colours and explored different tints and tones. Today we followed that up by sketching some icebergs and then creating our very own ICE SCULPTURE! This was so much fun and we explored how to manipulate the light to create dark and light parts and shadows. We also had a very in depth conversation about how ice melts and this lead to a great discussion about the icebergs melting in the Antarctica and we thought about the impact this would have on our planet…

Following on from our ice sculpture…we then used chalk and charcoal to create light and dark highlights and enjoyed smudging both to create different effects…

Pencil, chalk and charcoal

The year 3 children have enjoyed exploring a range of techniques and media to create some wonderful pieces of work. They used different pencils to develop their sketching skills and experimented with hatching, cross-hatching, light and dark lines. They then combined chalk and charcoal to create a smoke effect background for their London skyline. Don’t they look effective?

Colour Mixing

In Art, Y2’s art project this term is based around  Wassily Kandinsky’s art work.File:Vassily Kandinsky, 1926 - Several Circles, Gugg 0910 25.jpg -  Wikimedia Commons

First of all we learned how to draw a circle and then we explored shading with different pencils.

This week we have been learning about primary and secondary colours. We added red, blue and yellow to our sketch books because these are the primary colours. Then we mixed our primary colour to made green, orange and purple. We had great fun mixing our colours. When we looked at each other’s work, we noticed that everyone had different shades.

FS2 Children in Need 💛

What a fabulous day!

It was fun to come to school dressed in our Pudsey bear, sporty and spotty clothes… we all looked amazing.

We found out about where all the money raised goes and how it helps children with food, toys and a safe place to live.

We exercised with Joe Wicks, put on the correct number of counters and made patterns on Pudsey’s scarf during Maths, painted, glued and stuck on Pudsey faces and we even decorated our own Children in Need buns to take home…

…it was a wonderful day 💛☺️💛

Children In Need

All our little ‘Hubbles’ looked amazing in their Pudsey Bear outfits today , fundraising for ‘Children in Need’.

We made some marshmallow top hats for Pudsey.

Recipe – Marshmallow Top Hats






  • melt chocolate (make sure an adult helps you with this)
  • dip bottom of marshmallow in chocolate and place in bun case (small cake cases fit better)
  • with a spoon, drizzle a little melted chocolate on top of marshmallow
  • place coloured smarties on top

Enjoy with a delicious mug of hot chocolate……..with mini marshmallows on top of course…….and whipped cream……….and a flake!!

Mmmmmm yum yum!!

Remembrance Day

We designed and made some ‘Poppy Wreaths’ as a mark of respect for Remembrance Day.