Drawing Queen Elizabeth I

In Year 2, we have been using our artistic flair to draw portraits of some of the most memorable monarchs over the centuries.

We found Queen Elizabeth I fascinating as we loved her lavish dresses and found lots of differences between her and Queen Elizabeth II.

We used pencils as our media and observed and drew her face, patterns on her dress by adding dots and lines and have begun to explore the use of lines of different thickness to create texture and tone.


FS Art Club

The boys are loving getting involved at lunchtimes. They are becoming much more chatty whilst working too. Well done boys!

Click on the link below to see what we’ve been up to…

Art Club 1

Chinese New Year!

The children in the Hub have been demonstrating excellent use of fine motor skills this week for our Chinese New Year celebrations.

We enjoyed our food tasting session with noodles, spring rolls and rice crackers on the menu. We used chopsticks to eat our noodles with and Raphael was crowned King of the Chopsticks.

The children displayed safe use of scissors and excellent cutting skills making their lanterns.

Good speaking and listening skills were also displayed during our story of the day ‘Cleversticks’, beautifully read by Stephanie.


Art and Design with the Children’s University!

Today, Year 1 had a fantastic time  working in teams to create kites as part of their creative session with The Children’s University.

First, we used scraps of material, glue, sellotape and paper to create a kite.


We worked in teams and helped each other. Here are some of our fantastic results!



There was a prize for the top team who worked amazingly and created a super kite!

As a special treat we were also shown a Chinese New Year dragon costume and we got to have a go.

We had a great morning being creative!

Round Houses

As part of our Wow Day to launch the topic, ‘What is the Roman Legacy’, Year 4 investigated who lived in Britain, before the Romans invaded. We then used our construction skills to make a Celtic Round house. Here are some of our replicas.

Stone Age Necklaces

As part of our Wow Day to launch the topic, ‘Who first lived in Britain?’, Year 3 designed and made Stone Age replica necklaces. First of all we looked at some photographs of Stone Age necklaces and discussed the materials that these were made from. Using these ideas as a prompt, we designed our own.

We then made our necklaces using clay. We had to make sure there were no cracks in any our pieces.

A few days later, we painted our necklaces and threaded them onto string.

Wow! We can’t believe how beautiful they look!

Hull Fair Artwork!

Year one have been busy getting creative with oil pastels this week!

First, we listened to and watched videos of Hull Fair to immerse ourselves. Then, we carefully designed our hull fair artwork using oil pastels on black card to create the effect of a night sky.

Just look at some of our masterpieces!